Government of New Brunswick
Legislature_2 Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick

In New Brunswick, high uniform standards of social services - including education, housing, health, income assistance and justice - are ensured because the provincial government is responsible for their administration. Property services - including street lights, sewers and recreation - are the responsibility of local governments in the province's eight cities, 28 towns and 68 villages. Areas of sparse population are administered by 272 local service districts.

The lieutenant-governor, appointed to represent the Queen, is at the head of our provincial government, seated in Fredericton. The 55 members of New Brunswick 's legislative assembly represent individual constituencies and are elected for a maximum five-year term in a general election. The party with the most elected members forms the provincial government and its leader is premier of the province.

The current provincial government is headed by Premier David Alward of the Progressive Conservative Party of New Brunswick which took office on Oct. 12, 2010. The Leader of the Official Opposition is Brian Gallant of the Liberal Party of New Brunswick.

New Brunswick has 10 appointed seats in the Canadian Senate and elects 10 members of the House of Commons of Canada. Any Canadian citizen 18 years of age or older who has been a resident for six months is entitled to vote.

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