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GBA (Gender-based analysis) is an evidence-based tool that identifies how gender differences may impact outcomes of policies, programs and decisions for diverse groups of women and men, girls and boys.

Differing gender-based needs can have a significant impact on the outcomes and success of public policy and programming. To ensure intended and equitable outcomes for all New Brunswickers, consideration must be given to their different realities. We must also consider how differences impact outcomes and work to redress issues that create inequalities in order to thrive as a province.

“Gender equality is an issue of development effectiveness, not just a matter of political correctness or kindness to women. New evidence demonstrates that when women and men are relatively equal, economies tend to grow faster, the poor move more quickly out of poverty, and the well-being of men, women and children is enhanced.”
- World Bank, “The Business Case for Gender Mainstreaming.”

Overlooking gender inequalities may result in missed opportunities for enhanced quality of life and a stronger economy for all New Brunswick citizens.

When GBA is used as a tool in the decision-making process, it leads to more effective public policy by ensuring that consideration is given to the realities of all New Brunswickers. Where programs and policies are designed with consideration of their target group, with a fuller appreciation of their demographic information and life circumstances, policy and resources can be more efficiently and effectively allocated to achieve the desired outcome.

GBA makes good policy sense and must become an integral part of the way in which we think and work.

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