Government of New Brunswick

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) is a strategic business capability that supports the achievement of the Government of New Brunswick (GNB)’s objectives.  Effective ERM that is integrated into GNB strategy, investment, and operational process provides GNB with comprehensive, effective and efficient decision support for strategy, investment, and operations.

ERM does not just seek to identify potential events that might affect the enterprise but looks holistically at the relationships between the enterprise and the environment within which it operates, with the following aims:

  • to understand significant risks, and how these risks could be inter-related;
  • to study a wide range of possible future scenarios;
  • to consider how the business might be made more robust and flexible.

The senior role in Enterprise Risk Management is the Chief Risk Officer.

Cyber Security

The Cyber Security section provides guidance, direction, and oversight to government on managing risks related to people, processes, and technology involved in the use of data in transit or at rest.  This team aids decision makers to produce consistent, rational outcomes and works collaboratively with Federal, Provincial, Territorial, and Municipal governments as well as other partners to determine best approaches for protecting information.

Business Risk

The Business Risk section provides guidance, direction, and oversight to government on managing risks in a manner that will allow business objectives to be met. Effective risk management equips provincial government organizations to respond actively to change and uncertainty by using risk-based information to enable more effective decision-making. This increased capacity and demonstrated ability to assess, communicate, and manage risk builds trust and confidence, both within the government and with the public.