Government of New Brunswick

The Enterprise Architecture Program Office (EAPO) receives requests from all parts of Government for Enterprise Architecture (EA) design assistance. EA defines how information and technology can support and benefit the business of government, including the technology implications of achieving business objectives. Efficient design saves money by enabling the consolidation of technology tools used to deliver government services.

EAPO works with the citizen-serving side of Government to find technical solutions to their challenges and to support their new opportunities. We reuse existing solutions where possible and always position any new solutions to be reusable to solve other needs across Government as well, thus saving on costs to GNB.

EAPO is also responsible for maintaining the EA Repository, which stores all the decisions made and the resulting designs, strategies, standards, best practices, guidelines, and recommendations.  This allows a corporate knowledge base to be created across all of Government and enables reuse of work. EAPO also provides annual reports of activity.