Government of New Brunswick

Soccer games… dance recitals…community events… family vacations…Sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day or even days in the week.

Did you know the government of New Brunswick offers employees the opportunity to purchase a maximum of two months additional leave?

You can ensure income continuity with no interruption of pensionable service by making arrangements with your manager and human resources branch to have pay deducted on a prorated basis up to 26 pay periods.

Marie earns $1962 bi-weekly. To purchase five extra vacation days each year, she has $37.73 deducted per pay. For less than $40 per pay, Marie has more time to be with her family.1

Pro-rated Salary Leave is not for everyone and some conditions do apply. Consult with your manager to determine if Pro-rated Salary Leave could be an option for you

For full details of Pro-rated Salary Leave and other policies on leave without pay, please consult Administration Policy 2208.

1 Example only. For your calculation and contributions, contact your human resources department.