Government of New Brunswick

Message from Minister Bill Fraser


Dear Friends of Heritage:

As Minister for the Department of Tourism, Heritage, and, Culture, I invite you to celebrate Heritage Week 2016, taking place February 8 to 15.

The theme for Heritage Week 2016 is Leadership & Legacy. This topic touches upon many aspects of New Brunswick’s past, including the accomplishments of New Brunswick women, as well as those who have forged a place in our provincial memory. I invite you to please take a moment to reflect upon the individuals who have helped shaped our identity, and think about ways of commemorating their legacy during Heritage Week 2016.

Now is the time to begin planning. For this reason, New Brunswick’s Heritage Week Committee is pleased to provide you with this on-line resource package, commemorating Leadership & Legacy.

Please take a few moments to think about what you can do to recognize Heritage Week 2016, then plan and register your event here.

All groups and individuals registering events before January 31, 2016 will be recognized with a Certificate of Participation. We will also assist in promoting your activity by publicizing it on this web site and circulating your information to provincial media outlets.

Heritage Week 2016 offers a fitting opportunity to commemorate our shared past.


Bill Fraser



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