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We are pleased to present the top 8 entries for the New Brunswick 2014 Stamp Stories competition.

Stamp Stories is a heritage stamp design contest for students. The design can represent anything students so wish, as long as it has a New Brunswick history or heritage theme. It might be a local historic building or landmark, one of their ancestors, a landscape, an animal, their favourite New Brunswick hero, an important historical event — anything that means something special to the individual.

Here are our top 8 designs for 2014:



1. Janie T. - École Soleil Levant - Richibucto - FSD-Sud

Les cultures de mon coeur!

The Cultures of my Heart!
The different cultures do not change what you have in your heart.


2. Lhasa S. - École communautaire Sœur-Saint-Alexandre - Lamèque - FSD-Nord-est

Vive L acadie

Vive l'Acadie!
My design represents the heritage of l’Acadie and of New Brunswick, e.g., Village acadien, wind turbines, fishing boats, church, flags…


3. Nicholas H. - Hume Homeschool - Richibucto Road - Independent

Blockhouse Protecting Our Nation

Blockhouse: Protecting our Nation
In the war of 1812 these cubical buildings provided great protection. Fort Howe in Saint John and the St. Andrews Blockhouse in St. Andrews are some of the last ones still standing! This one is the St. Andrews one.


4. Rebecca P. - Eleanor W. Graham Middle School - Rexton - ASD-North

When I Think of New Brunswick

When I Think of New Brunswick
New Brunswick is home to the world’s largest covered bridge and [there] are many more in the province. I drew a covered bridge on my stamp for this reason. Fishing is a big part of New Brunswick because of the rivers. There is a large job chance for fishermen and women in New Brunswick.


5. Renée-Claude D. - École Mgr-Matthieu-Mazerolle - Rivière-Verte - FSD-Nord-ouest


The significance of my design is the New Brunswick flag and the flag of l’Acadie, united to make one design, with the fusion of these two peoples.


6. Sarah A. - Harry Miller Middle School - Rothesay - ASD-South

Chickadee our provincal bird

Chickadee/Provincial Bird


7. Thomas M. - Riverview East School - Riverview - ASD-East

Hopewell Rocks

Hopewell Rocks
Hopewell Rocks is a well known tourist attraction. The Hopewell Rocks were actually carved out by the water and they have the highest tides in the world.


8. Vanessa R. - Donald Fraser Memorial School - Plaster Rock - ASD-West

New Brunswick's Amazing Discoveries

New Brunswick's Amazing Discoveries
New Brunswick has many discoveries that are amazing. I drew my stamp to show that, as in fishing, fiddleheads, fiddlers on the Tobique, Black-capped Chickadee, Purple Violet, historical settlements, only bilingual province and my favorite, maple syrup! I hope you enjoy my stamp.