Government of New Brunswick

Under the New Brunswick Provincial Parks Act, the Minister of Tourism, Heritage and Culture will be preparing Park Management Plans for all New Brunswick provincial parks. These plans will ensure that each park is managed consistent with the four goals of the parks program as set out in the Provincial Parks Act - protection, outdoor recreation, heritage appreciation and tourism.

A park management plan is a document that outlines the vision for each park and guides park management decisions over the long-term. The plan will include an overview of the services and amenities for each park, as well as a zoning map that identifies the types of uses permitted in various locations, particularly those maintained for public use, as well as protected areas which will not be accessible to the public.   

Public consultation is an important component of the planning process.  A management plan is the result of a consultative planning process and is developed with local communities, First Nations, local governments, and other interest groups.

The Department of Tourism, Heritage and Culture is currently undertaking a pilot planning process for:

What is a Management Plan?

A management plan is a document that outlines the vision and direction for a protected area such as a provincial park. In this case, park management plans will:

  • Situate the provincial parks within a landscape context, both geographically and as a part of the New Brunswick parks system.
  • Describe the key features and values of the protected area (such as natural, cultural and recreation values).
  • Identify current and future appropriate management activities.
  • Determine the appropriate levels of use and development.
  • Establish the long-term vision and management objectives to be met.
  • Respond to current and predicted future threats to meeting the vision and values of the provincial park.