COCAGNE (GNB) – Cocagne has been named an age-friendly community by the provincial government as part of the Age-Friendly Community Recognition Program.

“The movement to age-friendly communities is growing and that is going to benefit not only seniors but the province as a whole,” said Health Minister Benoît Bourque. “I am so proud of the teamwork displayed here in Cocagne in reaching this status. The province is committed to ensuring that all seniors have a positive aging experience and age-friendly communities are an important part of reaching that goal.”

Bourque presented the certificate to Cocagne on behalf of Seniors and Long-term Care Minister Lisa Harris on Wednesday night. The presentation coincided with Wellness Week in the province.

The award acknowledges the success of Cocagne in establishing policies and services to promote healthy aging and wellness. The program was developed more than a year ago to encourage communities to take sustainable action in order to become more age-friendly.

“We have been working really hard on this,” said Cocagne Mayor Jean Hébert. “More than 40 per cent of our population is over 50 years old. Anything we can do to keep seniors healthy and independent is important. We have walking trails, after-school programs, exercise classes and many other activities for seniors. We also have a really active 50-and-over club.”

In order to achieve recognition, communities must have completed four milestones developed from the World Health Organization framework. These milestones are based upon engagement and sustainable action.

Cocagne joins Moncton and Tracadie, which have also been named age-friendly communities. Across the province, about 18 communities have completed at least two of the four milestones.

More information about the Age-Friendly Recognition Program is available online

The Age-Friendly Community Recognition Program is an initiative developed as part of the Home First Strategy and works in harmony with the We’re all in this together: An Aging Strategy for New Brunswick and the New Brunswick Family Plan.