FREDERICTON (CNB) – The following message was issued by Social Development Minister Sue Stultz, who is also minister responsible for seniors, housing and community non-profit organizations, in recognition of Nursing Home Week, June 5-11:

Nursing homes play an important role in our society. As our aging population continues to grow, new challenges and opportunities arise.

On the occasion of Nursing Home Week, I thank the dedicated staff and volunteers who are working to improve the quality of care and quality of life of nursing home residents around the province.

Nursing home residents deserve dignity, respect and have earned our appreciation. It is part of the provincial government's responsibility to ensure that seniors are receiving quality care that will help create a positive lifestyle.

This is why the provincial government is committed to working in co-operation with the more than 60 nursing homes across the province to ensure residents continue to receive the quality care their families and loved ones expect.

The provincial government will continue to work with the nursing home sector to ensure that our system will be sustainable as our population ages and that it is based on the values and expectations of New Brunswickers.

I extend a deep and sincere thank-you to all those in our province who have given themselves and their time to work and volunteer in our nursing homes and contribute to our quality of life in New Brunswick.