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    The program is designed first and foremost to support initiatives that allow the provincial government to improve services in French and to contribute to the equality of the two official language communities. It recognizes the priority role of the provincial government and its departments in the delivery of services in French while calling upon community organizations and structures to support the government in its objectives.

    Departments, institutions, or organizations interested in submitting a funding application under this program are advised to read the program parameters carefully and to pay special attention to the selection criteria for the proposed activities or projects.


    Departments and agencies of the Government of New Brunswick that wish to improve or offer a wider range of services in both official languages, and duly constituted non-profit New Brunswick organizations whose actions are in accordance with the objectives described in the PFLS action plan are eligible to submit projects.

    Projects must therefore be submitted by:

    I) a provincial department or one of its components;
    II) a public institution or organization;
    III) the boards of directors of the three School-Community Centres in the province;
    IV) an association, organization, or institution of civil society that:

    - is recognized in its constitution and by-laws as having a provincial outreach and scope;
    - demonstrates an ability and aptitude for managing projects;
    - shows leadership and commitment in the promotion of the French fact and the equality of the two official language communities in the province.

    Associations, organizations, or institutions of civil society must include a copy of their constitution and by-laws.


    Projects submitted under the POLS program will be evaluated and supported in accordance with the following criteria:

    A) All project submissions and funding applications must:

    1. Demonstrate how the project will effectively contribute to the implementation of the POLS action plan attached to the Canada/New Brunswick Agreement on the Provision of French-Language Services;
    2. Put forward activities that will have a sustainable impact and long-term benefits;
    3. Put forward innovative and promising initiatives;
    4. Demonstrate the commitment of the recipients to continuing the activity after the term of funding available under the program;
    5. Identify the concrete results anticipated and the performance indicators planned;
    6. Demonstrate the provincial impact of the project’s direct spin-offs.

    B) The projects submitted by departments or one of their components or by public institutions/organizations must:

    1. Put forward activities that will contribute to improving services in the official languages and that go beyond the obligations and requirements of New Brunswick’s Official Languages Act;
    2. Receive the backing of the senior management of the department concerned;
    3. Demonstrate the commitment of provincial officials to coordinate and manage the project;
    4. Be accompanied by a contribution equal to or greater than the amount awarded under the program from the department in question. This departmental contribution is conditional on participation in the program.

    C) Projects submitted by an association, organization, or institution of civil society must:

    1. Contribute effectively to improving official-language services in the community;
    2. Receive the support of the organization's directors;
    3. Show a desire to cooperate and form partnerships;
    4. Show diversification of funding sources.

    The departments or organizations may submit projects that are spread out over more than one year, without exceeding the length of the current agreement. For recurrent projects (over several years), the organization or department must show how it plans to fund the project in the long term, since financial assistance under the POLS program is available for an initial period of development, not on a permanent or ongoing basis.

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