FREDERICTON (GNB) – More than 30 crime prevention stakeholders will gather in Fredericton today for the second meeting of New Brunswick's Round table on Crime and Public Safety.

“Our government has committed to working with experts on ways to prevent crime and reduce its impact upon our communities,” said Public Safety Minister and Solicitor General Robert Trevors. “The round table is a place for all of us to work together on a strategy that can show results. The work that will be accomplished here will be a big part of the strategy that will be presented to the provincial government.”

The group includes decision-makers from various sectors including non-profit organizations, business, academia, law enforcement, and all levels of government. They will meet for a full-day session to determine the next steps to complete the provincial Crime Prevention and Reduction Strategy and begin implementation.

Creating the round table was a commitment in the November 2010 Speech from the Throne.

The group's objectives are to share information and best practices on crime prevention and reduction as well as set achievable, measurable goals for implementing a province-wide crime prevention strategy.

“A well-developed strategy to reduce and prevent crime will ensure the best use of tax dollars and help New Brunswickers contribute to their full potential,” said Trevors. “We know that people want to live, work and invest in places that are safe. That is why having a provincial crime prevention strategy will help all of our communities become stronger in the long-term.”