FREDERICTON (CNB) - Starting today, June 6, it is illegal to use hand-held communications and entertainment devices while driving.

"Our message to New Brunswick motorists is simple: if you need to dial a number, send a text or program your GPS, please do not do it while you are driving." said Public Safety Minister and Solicitor General Robert Trevors. "The goal of this new law is to make our roads and highways safer for everyone."

The law prohibits the use or handling of hand-held cellular telephones, texting devices, and portable entertainment devices while driving.

The manual programming or adjusting of any global positioning system while driving is also prohibited.

Drivers using voice command or one-touch devices; drivers using built-in screens, and telecommunications workers who require special equipment to monitor service levels and disruptions are exempt from the law.

Peace officers and fire and ambulance personnel are exempt from the bans when performing their duties. Any driver is permitted to make a 911 call as needed. Drivers of commercial vehicles are allowed to use two-way radios, and ham radio operators may use them for emergency search and rescue activities.

Drivers who violate the law will be subject to the loss of three points from their licence and a fine of $172.50.

To learn more about distracted driver legislation, visit the Department of Public Safety website.


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