Government of New Brunswick

Roundtable on Emergency Management and Resiliency

Numerous events in the last decade have illustrated the risks, exposed vulnerabilities and have highlighted successes and areas for continued improvement in our current approach to emergency management.  With increased frequency and severity of weather events, we must work together to develop strategies that enable individuals, businesses and communities to reduce vulnerabilities, build capacity and increase resiliency.  To broaden this discussion, a Round Table on Emergency Management and Resiliency has been established.


A foundational meeting for this roundtable was held 25 June 2015, in Fredericton.  Over 120 participants from academic, private sector, all levels of NB government, Federal Government, First Nations and First Responders were present to share their ideas on Emergency Management and Resiliency.   The presentations delivered during the day can be found here.  The ideas have been aggregated, and a strategy working group will be formed to start working on a framework and action plan to address the issues discussed, as well as get us thinking about resiliency.  


In the coming weeks, an update will be posted, as well as some initial feedback from the foundational meeting.  Also, a short summary of the foundational meeting will be posted.  


Thank you,

Steve Hart
Coordinator, Round Table on Emergency Management and Resiliency