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    Apprenticeship is a long-standing part of the training and education system in New Brunswick. It is a structured training program comprised of a combination of on the job training and related classroom training and requires the committed participation of three partners: the apprentice, the employer and the government represented by Apprenticeship and Occupational Certification.

    This apprenticeship training program is designed to provide you with the skills and knowledge required to become qualified as a small equipment mechanic.



    An individual may register into an apprenticeship agreement upon verification of credentials as stipulated in Board Order GA002.1, “Pre-requisites to Registration into an Apprenticeship Agreement”, and be employed in the occupation with a recognized employer who is willing to enter into an apprenticeship agreement with you.

    A New Brunswick Diploma of Apprenticeship and a Certificate of Qualification will be awarded upon successful completion of 5400 hours of on the job and technical training and the final examination.


    An individual desiring certification as a journeyperson in New Brunswick in the small equipment mechanic occupation is required to meet one of the criteria as stipulated in Board Order GC001.1, “Requirements to Obtain a Certificate of Qualification.”

    A person who has gained the equivalent of 7200 hours of practical experience in the small equipment mechanic occupation may apply to challenge the certification examination. Successful candidates will receive a New Brunswick Certificate of Qualification.

    For more information, please see the corresponding board order for this occupation under Tasks, Activities and Functions of a Designated Occupation.


    Under the direction of a journeyperson and qualified instructors, you will become familiar with the materials, tools, principles and skills required in the small equipment mechanic occupation.

    Small equipment mechanics use hand tools, shop equipment and service publications to inspect, diagnose, service, repair, replace, adjust and test all systems and components on small equipment, including chainsaws, spacing saws, lawnmowers, lawn and garden tractors, tillers, snowblowers, outboard motors, all-terrain vehicles and small motorcycles.