Government of New Brunswick

Closure of Meritus University

On January 24, 2011, Meritus University informed the New Brunswick Department of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour (PETL) that it is no longer accepting new students and that it is ending currently scheduled academic programs once currently running courses are completed (by March 14, 2011). 

Meritus has cited insufficient levels of student demand needed to support its quality educational programs and infrastructure and despite its best efforts to develop an enrolment model to ensure adequate enrolment levels in future, they have concluded there is a high risk that enrolment will continue to be insufficient to sustain the level of services currently offered.


Student Services

The Department of Post-Secondary Education has been notified of Meritus University’s transition plan and is satisfied with the level of support that will be offered to students in the coming weeks and months to transition to new academic programs.  Notably:

  • Meritus will be assisting all currently enrolled students in continuing their degree programs at another institution of their choosing. To date, Meritus has put in place arrangements for Meritus students at six institutions.  For information on these six  institutions, please go to and follow the link for “transition information for Meritus students” or go directly to
  • A team of academic advisors will be in place in Fredericton to work with current and former students until May, 2011.  Advisors will be responsible for contacting each student and reviewing the options available to them, as well as assisting them in making the best choice as they transition to another post-secondary institution. 
  • By June, Apollo group will have established a team of special academic advisors in Phoenix, Arizona to handle any continuing student inquiries. 
  • They will also ensure that students who have earned credits know how to access their transcripts in the future and are aware that a Meritus University student record depository will be maintained in perpetuity. They will also deposit these records with the University Relations Branch for further safekeeping.
  • Meritus will provide full refund for all fees paid for classes that were scheduled to start after January 24, 2011.  No refunds will be administered for courses which the student has received academic credit.

Meritus staff will work with the various student loan recipients and loan agencies to ensure that all loan requirements are met and that the student recipient can continue in good standing with provincial or territorial agencies.

Meritus University has established a telephone hotline to answer inquires from current and former students.  This hotline can be reached toll free at 866-779-7371 or by email at  In addition, students will receive email updates and have access to regularly updated information on the Meritus student website (


Departmental Contact

Should you have any immediate questions or concerns with respect to the services offered by the institution, do not hesitate to contact the University Relations Branch by calling 506-453-2644 or by email at

Last update: February 8, 2011.