FREDERICTON (GNB) – The results of the annual survey of graduates of the New Brunswick Community College (NBCC) and the Collège communautaire du Nouveau-Brunswick (CCNB) show that high percentages of graduates continue to find employment in the province. The survey results were released today by Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour Minister Martine Coulombe.

The percentage of employed graduates working in New Brunswick remained steady at 94 per cent in 2011 for NBCC graduates, and was down two percentage point at 95 per cent for CCNB graduates. The level of employment related to training in the reference week decreased slightly for NBCC graduates to 79 per cent in 2011, down one percentage point from the previous survey, while it increased by one percentage point to 81 per cent for CCNB graduates.

“I am pleased to see high and stable numbers of graduates finding employment,” said Coulombe. “I am particularly pleased to see a significant increase in equality of earnings for female and male graduates in full-time positions. It shows us New Brunswick is heading in the right direction with respect to reducing the wage gap.”

Female graduates earned about the same wages as male graduates in full-time positions, an increase of nine percentage points over what was reported in 2010. Female graduates working full-time in positions related to their training earned 101 per cent of the average wages of male graduates in similar positions, an increase of 11 percentage points over what was reported in 2010.

“The record numbers of recent graduates finding work in the province and in their respective fields is indicative of the quality of programming that we offer,” said Marilyn Luscombe, president and chief executive officer for NBCC. “The level of success outlined in these survey results is further evidence that we are training students with the skills that they need to meet the needs of industries and agencies, while contributing to the socio-economic growth and prosperity of our province.”

The community colleges use the data from the survey to assist in planning the programs to be offered. The information is also used by career and guidance counsellors and other employment professionals.

“The results of this survey of our 2010 graduates gives us a realistic picture of their workforce placement and integration,” said Liane Roy, president and chief executive officer of the CCNB.
“This survey will add to the tools used by the CCNB to orient our training to meet the expectations of our students and the needs of business and industry in the province. It is important that we refer to such surveys to help us continuously improve and our programmes.”

The annual survey collects information from graduates of regular and non-regular training programs about one year following graduation. In 2011, 1,691 graduates were interviewed, representing an average response rate of 57 per cent.

The NBCC and CCNB graduate follow-up surveys have been conducted since 1983. The survey was undertaken by Jolicoeur Associés, an independent research company.


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