Government of New Brunswick

Request for Testing and Fees

The request for evaluation form is posted on the Service NB Web site at Language Evaluation form

A completed request form along with the payment must be forwarded to the Department of Post-Secondary Education and Training, Linguistic Services, at the address indicated on the form.

Linguistic Services will communicate with you to arrange an evaluation date.

Travel costs or telephone charges are billed to the candidate or the agency requesting the evaluation.



Scheduling of Tests

  • Oral evaluations are done by phone: The client or the candidate calls the evaluator at the agreed upon telephone number and scheduled evaluation time.


  • They should be requested at least 5 full business days prior to the evaluation date.


  • Each proposed evaluation date must be confirmed or cancelled at least one full business day (prior to 9:00 am) before a proposed date.  


  • For the client who requests an evaluation at the last minute, we may be able to accommodate if there is a vacant time slot on the schedule.  If scheduled, the client will be invoiced even if the candidate does not show up.


  • Every oral evaluation that is neither confirmed nor cancelled at least one full business day prior to the scheduled date (prior to 9:00 am) will appear on the client’s invoice.


  • Each oral evaluation is recorded for quality control and is also confidential.


  • A candidate is eligible for a new evaluation without delay.


The Department of Post-Secondary Education and Training issues an official certificate to each candidate indicating his/her level of oral proficiency according to New Brunswick Scale. The levels are Basic, Intermediate, Advanced and Superior.

If your performance sometimes exhibits characteristics of the next level on the scale, a plus (+) may be added to the level assigned. There is no plus at Superior level.

Within ten working days following the administration of the test, the certificate is sent by mail to the department or agency or directly to the individual who requested the evaluation. Linguistic Services will not provide written comments.