Government of New Brunswick

Requests for reassessment and re-evaluation must be filed within 60 working days following the release of the results. The fee is $30.  Requests should be sent to Linguistic Services, 120-470 York Street, Fredericton, NB,  E3B 3P7.

Requests for re-evaluation will be considered only if the candidate claims that the test was administered in inappropriate conditions and not if he/she is dissatisfied with the content or presentation of the test(s). Inappropriate conditions are defined as power outages, evacuation of the building, fire alarms, faulty equipment, extreme heat or cold in the room, poor lighting, or excess noise.



Quality Control

Evaluators have been trained and certified by the Department of Post-Secondary Education and Training. Quality control measures are in place to monitor their work on an ongoing basis.

Interviews are conducted and rated according to standard procedures established by the Department of Post-Secondary Education and Training.



Proof of Identity

For a face-to-face interview, you must bring a piece of identification bearing your signature. For a telephone interview, a contact person from your agency must confirm your identity before the interview starts, and that person must state his/her name and title. If there is no one available to confirm your identity, the evaluator will ask you for personal identification numbers.

At the time of the interview, the evaluator may ask you for some general information such as the spelling of your name, your address, the language being tested, etc. so that your certificate can be prepared and mailed directly to you.



Special Needs

Do you need special testing arrangements because of a disability?

If you do, please inform Linguistic Services so that appropriate arrangements can be made.

If, during the interview, you experience physical or psychological indisposition that you consider serious enough to affect your performance, it is your responsibility to tell the test administrator immediately. You will be asked to sign a form stating that the test was discontinued at your request.

You may reapply at a later date.