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If you are experiencing symptoms or have reason to believe you have been infected with syphilis, get tested.

Testing for syphilis

Where can I go to get tested?

Your family physician or nurse practitioner

For a list of the testing sites, click here

What can I expect when I get tested for syphilis?

To test for syphilis, you will need to have a blood test. You may also have to undergo a physical exam and will be asked questions about your sexual history.

How quickly will I get my test results?

Test results are typically available within a week or two.

Is testing free?

Testing for syphilis is free.

Treating syphilis

Syphilis can be cured. If you receive positive test results for syphilis, you will need to be treated immediately to reduce the risk of transmission and long-term effects. Your family doctor or a nurse practitioner will provide you with more information.

A Public Health nurse will contact you to make sure that your sexual or drug use partners will be tested and treated.

Syphilis is treated with antibiotics, usually penicillin by injection. After this treatment, you will be required to have blood tests to ensure the infection is out of your system. It is important to NOT have sex until your doctor or nurse practitioner tells you the infection is gone.

How long will it take for the treatment to get rid of the infection?

The duration of treatment of syphilis varies depending upon the stage of the disease.  After treatment you should abstain from intercourse until your physician or nurse practitioner tells you it is safe to resume sexual relations. You should also abstain from intercourse until all sex partners have completed treatment.

Will I experience any side effects from the treatment?

You shouldn’t experience any major side effects from the treatment. If you have any questions about this, talk with your nurse practitioner or physician.

Will my positive test results be kept private?

Your test results and any discussion with you on this infection will be kept strictly confidential.