Government of New Brunswick

What if the item you want is not in our catalogue?

If an item is not available in the public libraries of the province, we can try to borrow it from a library outside of our system. Before you request that we search for an item, please check whether it is available in our catalogue.

You must have a valid library card from the New Brunswick Public Library Service and complete the Interlibrary Loan Request Form to order material through interlibrary loan. Please note that the lending library may charge a fee. Depending on the availability of the requested item, the location of the lending library, and delays in postal system delivery, it may take some time before your item arrives.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Jenna Knoetze, ILL Service Coordinator

Telephone (toll free): 1-833-453-8233
Fax: (506) 457-4878