Government of New Brunswick


Saturday, June 4th – Sunday, June 5th, 2016

Fish New Brunswick Days are an excellent opportunity for both resident and non-resident anglers to try fishing in New Brunswick without purchasing a licence. Licences will be required, however, if anglers want to retain Atlantic salmon. Individuals whose angling privileges have been revoked cannot fish anywhere in the province.

All current bag limits, closures and other restrictions are still in effect on Fish New Brunswick Days. Access to private waters, Crown Reserve waters and Crown Leases is still restricted.

Natural Resources advises anglers to check with their local fishing-tackle retailer or with an experienced angler to find a location where children are most likely to enjoy the experience.

To make the most of a fishing outing, Natural Resources recommends that anglers take plenty of snacks and water or juices, insect repellent, sunscreen, hats and rain suits.

Always handle live fish humanely, and store fish intended for consumption in a cool area to avoid spoilage.