Justice and Public Safety http://www2.gnb.ca:80/content/gnb/en/departments/jps/multimedia.html Justice and Public Safety Illegal cigarettes seized near Woodstock http://www2.gnb.ca:80/content/gnb/en/departments/jps/multimedia/mmrenderer.2018.01.2018-01-19_01.jpg.html The Department of Justice and Public Safety, in partnership with the Woodstock Police Force, seized 219,800 illegal cigarettes as a result of a joint forces investigation on Jan. 9. A 2007 Dodge Caravan was also seized. 2018011900:00:00 Government wants police to be better equipped to respond to sexual violence cases http://www2.gnb.ca:80/content/gnb/en/departments/jps/multimedia/mmrenderer.2017.12.2017-12-21_02.jpg.html Following the provincewide Sexual Crimes Review, a New Brunswick stakeholder group has been established to examine opportunities to improve the manner in which police forces respond to sexual crime cases. From left: Beth Lyons, executive director of the New Brunswick Women’s Council; Jennifer Richard, director of community development, Fredericton Sexual Assault Centre; John Jurcina, assistant deputy minister, law enforcement and inspections division, Department of Justice and Public Safety; and Connie Courcy, acting director of policing standards and contract management, Department of Justice and Public Safety. 2017122100:00:00 Regulations to support victims of intimate partner violence posted for review http://www2.gnb.ca:80/content/gnb/en/departments/jps/multimedia/mmrenderer.2017.12.2017-12-19_01.jpg.html Proposed regulations under the Intimate Partner Violence Intervention Act, outlining processes to support the operation of the act, have been posted for public review for the next 30 days. Participating in today’s announcement were, from left: Seniors and Long-Term Care Minister Lisa Harris; Fiona Williams, executive director of Liberty Lane; and Justice and Public Safety Minister Denis Landry. 2017121900:00:00 Illegal harvesting of deer and moose in Charlotte County http://www2.gnb.ca:80/content/gnb/en/departments/jps/multimedia/mmrenderer.2017.12.2017-12-14_02.JPG.html Ten people were arrested after the seizure of more than 590 kilograms (1,300 pounds) of moose and deer meat, numerous firearms, illegal drugs, a vehicle and other hunting equipment in Charlotte County. 2017121400:00:00 January is Crime Stoppers Month in New Brunswick http://www2.gnb.ca:80/content/gnb/en/departments/jps/multimedia/mmrenderer.2017.12.2017-12-12_01.jpg.html Justice and Public Safety Minister Denis Landry signed a declaration designating January as Crime Stoppers Month in New Brunswick. The Department of Justice and Public Safety endorses the aims of New Brunswick Crime Stoppers and wishes to raise public awareness of this organization and the importance of its work. From left: Jerry Moffitt, president of New Brunswick Crime Stoppers; Landry; and Insp. Al Farrah, Atlantic Region Air Services, RCMP J Division. 2017121200:00:00 Provincewide emergency preparedness exercise planned for June 2018 http://www2.gnb.ca:80/content/gnb/en/departments/jps/multimedia/mmrenderer.2017.11.2017-11-29_02.jpg.html A provincewide emergency preparedness exercise is being planned for June 2018 in New Brunswick. Called Brunswick Alpha 2018, the one-day exercise will give communities, municipalities and local service districts an opportunity to practise their respective roles during an emergency event. From left: Charline McCoy, acting executive director, Cities of New Brunswick Association; Danielle Charron, executive director, Association of Municipal Administrators of New Brunswick; Henri Mallet, vice-president, Association francophone des municipalités du Nouveau-Brunswick; Justice and Public Safety Minister Denis Landry; Eric Megarity, past president, Cities of New Brunswick Association; LCdr. Pete Gallant, Joint Task Force Atlantic; Chris Melvin, Union of the Municipalities of New Brunswick; Linda Brown, vice-president, Association of Municipal Administrators of New Brunswick; Greg MacCallum, New Brunswick Emergency Measures Organization; Stacey Cooling, New Brunswick Emergency Measures organization. 2017112900:00:00 Legislation concerning cannabis control and drug-impaired driving http://www2.gnb.ca:80/content/gnb/en/departments/jps/multimedia/mmrenderer.2017.11.2017-11-07_02.jpg.html Legislation to be introduced this week aims to help protect New Brunswickers, particularly youth, from harm associated with cannabis use. Participating in the announcement were Health Minister Benoît Bourque, left, and Justice and Public Safety Minister Denis Landry. 2017110700:00:00 Storm Preparedness Week Nov. 6-10 http://www2.gnb.ca:80/content/gnb/en/departments/jps/multimedia/mmrenderer.2017.11.2017-11-02_01.JPG.html As winter approaches, New Brunswickers are invited to take time during Storm Preparedness Week to get ready for when major storms hit the province in the coming months. . From left: Gaëtan Thomas, president and CEO of NB Power; Justice and Public Safety Minister Denis Landry; and Greg MacCallum, director of the New Brunswick Emergency Measures Organization. 2017110200:00:00 Minister recognizes MADD’s Project Red Ribbon http://www2.gnb.ca:80/content/gnb/en/departments/jps/multimedia/mmrenderer.2017.11.2017-11-02_03.jpg.html Justice and Public Safety Minister Denis Landry recognized Project Red Ribbon, an annual campaign by Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD). Front row, from left: Scott Kennie, past-president of MADD Greater Fredericton; deputy premier Stephen Horsman; Haley Cole; Landry; Julie Cole, president of MADD Greater Fredericton; and Danielle Cole. Back row, from left: Const. Patrick Small; Const. Steven Cliff and Staff Sergeant Paul Battiste, from the Fredericton Police Force; and Cpl. Taylor Baird from the Gagetown Military Police. 2017110200:00:00 Investment made in intervention measures regarding intimate partner violence http://www2.gnb.ca:80/content/gnb/en/departments/jps/multimedia/mmrenderer.2017.11.2017-11-01_01.jpg.html Implementation of measures under the Intimate Partner Violence Intervention Act will be supported by an investment of $900,000. Justice and Public Safety Minister Denis Landry made the announcement today during a visit to the Muriel McQueen Fergusson Centre for Family Violence Research. From left: Kelly Ashfield, Office of Research Services, University of New Brunswick; Larissa Rose, St. Thomas University intern student at the centre; Norma Dubé, board member of the centre and the Fergusson Foundation; Anne Crocker of the centre and the foundation; Cathy Holtman, director of the centre; Landry; Rina Arseneault, associate director of the centre; and Danie Gagnon and Linda Nielson, researchers with the centre. 2017110100:00:00 Sod-turning for new courthouse http://www2.gnb.ca:80/content/gnb/en/departments/jps/multimedia/mmrenderer.2017.10.2017-10-30_03.jpg.html A sod-turning was held today to mark the official beginning of construction of a new courthouse in Fredericton. From left: Associate Chief Judge Mary Jane Richards; deputy premier Stephen Horsman; Chief Justice J. Ernest Drapeau; Justice Judy Clendening; Justice and Public Safety Minister Denis Landry; and Justice Brad Green. 2017103000:00:00 New measures to curb alcohol-impaired driving take effect Nov. 1 http://www2.gnb.ca:80/content/gnb/en/departments/jps/multimedia/mmrenderer.2017.10.2017-10-19_01.jpg.html Starting Nov. 1, new tools will be available under the Motor Vehicle Act to strengthen the ability to identify and deter alcohol-impaired driving. From left: MADD Greater Fredericton advisory member Cpl. Taylor Baird of Canadian Military Police; Danielle Cole, president, MADD Greater Fredericton; Erin Norwood, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island manager of government relations for the Insurance Bureau of Canada; deputy premier Stephen Horsman; Justice and Public Safety Minister Denis Landry; Const. Patrick Small, Fredericton Police Force; and Chief Superintendent Ross White, RCMP. 2017101900:00:00 New look drivers licence launched http://www2.gnb.ca:80/content/gnb/en/departments/jps/multimedia/mmrenderer.2017.10.2017-10-10_02.jpg.html The provincial government today launched new driver’s licences and photo identification cards which include enhanced features to guard against forgery. From left: Environment and Local Government Minister Serge Rousselle; deputy premier Stephen Horsman; and Justice and Public Safety Minister Denis Landry. 2017101000:00:00 Investment in mental health support in schools http://www2.gnb.ca:80/content/gnb/en/departments/jps/multimedia/mmrenderer.2017.09.2017-09-27_01.JPG.html The Integrated Service Delivery model for providing mental health, addiction, intervention and social services to children and youth has been expanded to all public schools in the province. Premier Brian Gallant made the announcement on Tuesday during an event at Riverview Middle School. From left: André Gionet, manager, child and youth teams, Acadian Peninsula, mental health, Vitalité Health Network; Gregg Ingersoll, superintendent of the Anglophone East School District; Monique Boudreau, superintendent of the Francophone sud school district; Finance Minister Cathy Rogers; Pierrette Desfonds, foster parent, Miscou; Wilbert Smith, foster parent, Miscou; Gallant; Annette Harland, area manager, addiction and mental health services, Horizon Health Network; Jodie Fischer Cormier, guidance counsellor on the Kennebecasis Valley child and youth team; and Moncton East MLA Monique LeBlanc. 2017092700:00:00 Saint John provincial court to reinstitute mental health docket this fall http://www2.gnb.ca:80/content/gnb/en/departments/jps/multimedia/mmrenderer.2017.09.2017-09-18_01.jpg.html A mental health docket will be reintroduced to the provincial court in Saint John in early November. From left: Saint John Harbour MLA Ed Doherty; Randy Hatfield, executive director of the Saint John Human Development Council; and Premier Brian Gallant. 2017091800:00:00 Federal and provincial funding for ground search and rescue teams http://www2.gnb.ca:80/content/gnb/en/departments/jps/multimedia/mmrenderer.2017.09.2017-09-12_01.JPG.html About 400 volunteers from New Brunswick ground search and rescue teams will have access to new training courses and facilities over the next three years thanks to funding by the federal and provincial governments. From left: Stacey Cooling, New Brunswick Emergency Measures Organization; Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Bill Fraser; Miramichi-Grand Lake MP Pat Finnigan; John Glidden, co-chair of the project committee, and Jerry McKenna, project manager for the Miramichi Ground Search and Rescue. 2017091200:00:00 Proposed amendments to Motor Vehicle Act regulations posted http://www2.gnb.ca:80/content/gnb/en/departments/jps/multimedia/mmrenderer.2017.08.2017-08-17_02.jpg.html Proposed amendments to Motor Vehicle Act regulations related to stronger measures to curtail impaired driving have been posted for public review for the next 30 days. From left: Insp. Scott Patterson, officer in charge of primary response and special teams, Fredericton Police Force; deputy premier Stephen Horsman; Danielle Cole, Greater Fredericton area president of MADD Canada; and Deputy Chief Martin Gaudet, Fredericton Police Force. 2017081700:00:00 Love Shouldn’t Hurt issues call for campaign champions http://www2.gnb.ca:80/content/gnb/en/departments/jps/multimedia/mmrenderer.2017.07.2017-07-20_02.jpg.html New Brunswickers are encouraged to turn words into actions by becoming champions of Love Shouldn’t Hurt, a provincial campaign aimed at preventing intimate partner violence. From left: Linda Patterson of the Crime Prevention Association of New Brunswick; Justice and Public Safety Minister Denis Landry; Rina Arseneault, associate director of the Muriel McQueen Fergusson Centre for Family Violence Research; and Melissa Shea, advocate for the Love Shouldn’t Hurt campaign. 2017072000:00:00 International Roadcheck 2017 http://www2.gnb.ca:80/content/gnb/en/departments/jps/multimedia/mmrenderer.2017.06.2017-06-09_03.jpg.html Justice and Public Safety Minister Denis Landry assisted departmental staff participating in ‎International Roadcheck 2017, a 72-hour inspection event sponsored by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance. Commercial vehicle enforcement superintendent John Lunney, left, spoke with Landry during the event in Salisbury. 2017060900:00:00 Meeting on international emergency management held in New Brunswick http://www2.gnb.ca:80/content/gnb/en/departments/jps/multimedia/mmrenderer.2017.06.2017-06-07_02.jpg.html The New Brunswick Emergency Measures Organization recently hosted the biannual meeting of the International Emergency Management Assistance Compact in Saint Andrews. This group ensures mutual assistance is available when required in emergency situations such as natural disasters, technological hazards, man-made disasters or civil emergency aspects of resource shortages. The members are the states of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut, as well as the provinces of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island and Quebec. The meetings allow for discussions on best practices and opportunities for co-operation. 2017060700:00:00 Road safety campaign reminds New Brunswickers We’re All Traffic http://www2.gnb.ca:80/content/gnb/en/departments/jps/multimedia/mmrenderer.2017.05.2017-05-05_02.jpg.html Today marked the official launch of a road safety campaign encouraging drivers and cyclists to share the road. Premier Brian Gallant presented the new campaign to an audience of cyclists outside the legislature. 2017050500:00:00 Residents living near the St. John River and its tributaries should remain on alert http://www2.gnb.ca:80/content/gnb/en/departments/jps/multimedia/mmrenderer.2017.05.2017-05-03_01.JPG.html The New Brunswick Emergency Measures Organization (NBEMO) advises people living near the St. John River and its tributaries to remain on alert in the coming days as water levels are near or above flood stage in many regions. From left: Claude Côté, Environment and Climate Change Canada meteorologist; NBEMO director Greg MacCallum; and Jasmin Boisvert, hydrologist with the Department of Environment and Local Government. 2017050300:00:00 Illegal cigarettes seized, three men facing charges http://www2.gnb.ca:80/content/gnb/en/departments/jps/multimedia/mmrenderer.2017.05.2017-05-02_01.jpg.html A joint investigation involving the Department of Justice and Public Safety, the RCMP and police forces from Edmundston and Grand Falls has led to the seizure of 153,000 illegal cigarettes. 2017050200:00:00 Limited damage from an ice jam in Saint-Léonard http://www2.gnb.ca:80/content/gnb/en/departments/jps/multimedia/mmrenderer.2017.04.2017-04-13_04.jpg.html As water levels rise close to flood stage in a number of areas along the St. John River basin, the only incident reported is an ice jam in Saint-Léonard which was holding up to 2.5 metres of water. The ice jam created limited damages as only one flooded basement has been reported. However, the New Brunswick Emergency Measures Organization advises residents in that area to remain on alert during the weekend as the situation can change quickly. 2017041300:00:00 Handbook on family law for newcomers launched http://www2.gnb.ca:80/content/gnb/en/departments/jps/multimedia/mmrenderer.2017.03.2017-03-20_01.jpg.html A new resource on family law for newcomers is now available from the Public Legal Education and Information Service of New Brunswick (PLEIS-NB). From left: Clea Ward, president of PLEIS-NB; Deborah Doherty, executive director of PLEIS-NB; deputy premier Stephen Horsman; and Sylvie Nadeau, executive director of the New Brunswick Public Library Service. 2017032000:00:00 2018011900:00:00