Government of New Brunswick


Family Support Orders Services (FSOS) is transitioning into a new program delivery model which will see its regionalized operations become centralized to one location in Grand Falls over the next year.   We anticipate that the centralized office will be fully operational in June 2018 at which time the Regional offices of Support Enforcement will be closed. Phase 1 of the transition is underway and as a result, you will notice some differences in our program.  Here are a few of those changes:

  • Our name is changing from FSOS to the “Office of Support Enforcement (OSE)”.   We are in the process of changing our name to better align ourselves with our new program delivery model.  You may still see some documents with the name FSOS, but we are in the process of phasing that out. 
  • All calls will be re-directed to our office in Grand Falls for triaging.  Our goal is to have our Enrollment Officers handle many of our clients’ general inquiries or transfer you to the appropriate Enforcement Officer for issues of enforcement.


Will my Enforcement Officer change.
A:  Possibly.  As we shift from a regional based model to a centralized one, your file may be reassigned to a different Enforcement Officer.  Depending of the level of enforcement required on a file, it may be assigned to either a Junior Enforcement Officer or a Senior Enforcement Officer.  

Q:  How will I know if my Enforcement Officer has changed?
A: Clients can access their file information by signing on to our website portal at  Once registered, you will have access to information pertaining to your file, in addition to the name of your Enforcement Officer.

Q: Will my Enforcement Officer still be located in the Courthouse?
A: Some of the Enforcement Officers are still located in the 8 Judicial Districts (courthouses) around the Province.  Other Enforcement Officers have been hired in Grand Falls.  By June 2018 we will be fully centralized and all enforcement will be done from our Grand Falls office and no Enforcement Officers will be located in the Courthouses.  Over the next 8 to 9 months, the office in some regions may close as staff obtain other employment.

  • The office in Bathurst is closed as of September 8, 2017.

Q:  Does this mean my Court file will be moved to Grand Falls?
A: Once we are fully centralized, all enforcement files will be transferred to Grand Falls.  Your Court file however, will stay in the judicial district where your family matters have been filed.