Government of New Brunswick
  • The Department of Justice established an administrative enforcement model in 1992 for the collection of support. The Family Support Orders Service (commonly known as OSE) was established on February 11, 2008, and receives its authority from the Support Enforcement Act.

  • Since February 2008, all support orders made by the Court of Queen’s Bench Family Division are automatically filed with OSE; however parties may apply to opt out of the program at any time during the lifecycle of their case.

  • New Brunswick has reciprocal agreements with most Canadian provinces and territories and with several foreign countries to recognize each other's family support (maintenance) laws. When the support payer resides outside New Brunswick, OSE may register the support order or agreement with the reciprocating jurisdiction who will then enforce the file on OSE’s behalf.

  • On average, 13,900 cases are enrolled with OSE at any given time. Twenty-Six enforcement officers are assigned to monitor and enforce these cases across eight regions in New Brunswick. OSE serves approximately 25,000 parents and 18,700 children.

  • $52.9 million in maintenance payments was collected for New Brunswick families last year. This is a collection rate of 90%.