Government of New Brunswick

Rates of Pay for Summer Students (2010)

Summer students are those individuals who are enrolled in full-time studies before becoming employed and who intend to return to full-time studies in the same year.  They are hired for work within government departments between May 1 and September 30 of a given year.

Full Years of Post-Secondary Education Completed Rates of Pay*
0 Hourly rates beginning at $8.50/hour
1 Hourly rates beginning at $8.90/hour
2 Hourly rates beginning at $9.30/hour
3 Hourly rates beginning at $9.70/hour
4 Hourly rates beginning at $10.15/hour

*The specific hourly rate of pay is influenced by three factors:

  • The prior work experience of the applicant
  • Years of completed post-secondary education
  • The technical requirements and complexity of the work

Rates of Pay for Co-op Students (2010)

Co-op students are those individuals enrolled in an approved co-op education program at a university or community college.  They are employed for a fixed work term during the year.

Rates of pay are determined by which work term a student is entering.

Term 1 $10.25/hour
Term 2 $11.25/hour
Term 3 $12.25/hour
Term 4 $13.25/hour
Term 5 $14.25/hour
Term 6 $15.25/hour