Government of New Brunswick

New Brunswickers need timely access to quality health care with a greater focus on healthy living. This can be achieved through improved primary health care.

Primary health care is also known as first contact health care. It includes the services you seek in the community. Usually, that care comes from your family doctor, but it could also come from an after hours clinic, or other health professionals including a nurse practitioner, a pharmacist, or Telecare.

A strong primary health-care system is the foundation to ensuring that individuals and communities can get the health care they need, when and where they need it.

A Primary Health Care Framework for New Brunswick is a long-term vision which will improve primary health care for people living in New Brunswick today and for future generations. The framework will chart the course for moving towards team-based, patient-focused care that results in improved access, improved health outcomes, more comprehensive and continuous care and chronic disease prevention.