Government of New Brunswick

Diabetes Educator Certification Bursary


Bursary Name:            Canadian Diabetes Educator Certification Bursary
Bursary Sponsor:        NB Department of Health
Bursary Amount:         $ 450.00


The New Brunswick government has created a bursary fund for healthcare providers who wish to certify as diabetes educators.  This initiative will increase the pool of certified diabetes educators and improve care to persons living with diabetes. Certified diabetes education specialists promote the national standards of care for individuals affected by diabetes.

Twenty (20) bursaries are available each year to reimburse the cost of examination by the Canadian Diabetes Educator Certification Board. Health professionals who successfully complete the diabetes educator’s examination may apply for reimbursement of examination cost which is four hundred and fifty dollars ($450.00).


  • Applicants must be a resident of the Province of New Brunswick
  • Applicants must currently practice within the province of New Brunswick
  • Applicants must have successfully written the required Canadian Diabetes Educator examination
  • Applicants must provide a photocopy of their certificate and an original receipt for examination cost.  Bursaries will not be awarded to applicants who have received examination costs from other funding bodies.
  •  Potential applicants include healthcare professionals currently working in Horizon Health Network, Vitalité Health Network, private practice settings, in profit or in non-profit organizations.
  • Bursaries are considered on a first come basis, with priority given to those writing for the first time. Recertification applicants will be considered.
  • Applications must indicate how certification as a diabetes educator is relevant to their current work.
  • Applications must be co-signed by the applicant’s manager or supervisor, unless self-employed, which implies a return of service agreement.
  • Yearly funding limits bursaries to 20 applicants per fiscal year. There will be no carry over from year to year.


Application forms can be submitted by mail to: 

Program Manager, NB Chronic Disease Prevention & Management Unit
Primary Health care Branch, NB Department of Health
HSBC Building, 2nd Floor
520 King Street
P.O. Box 5100
Fredericton, NB 
E3B 5G8

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