MONCTON (GNB) – Premier Brian Gallant participated in Moncton today in the New Brunswick Family Plan summit on supporting those with mental health challenges.

“Your government understands that good mental health is fundamental to the resilience of individuals, families and communities,” said Gallant. “When we help New Brunswickers achieve better mental health, we also cultivate a culture of wellness and make our health-care system more sustainable, as well as strengthen productivity of our economy.”

Gallant and Health Minister Victor Boudreau participated in the summit which brought together over 50 representatives from New Brunswick’s mental health community.

Discussions focused on initiatives and actions that could help individuals who are affected by addictions and mental health issues with the following areas of focus:

  • Adopting a proactive approach to improving mental health.
  • Bridging gaps in existing programs and services such as those addressing addictions.
  • Offering a collaborative model of care through an integrated, person-centred approach to service delivery.
  • Offering culturally relevant treatments and services, taking into consideration the individual’s social context.
  • Enhancing the knowledge and awareness of individuals, families and health care and other service providers.

“These are exciting, and also socially responsible times for mental health and addiction in our province,” said Christa Baldwin, executive director of the Canadian Mental Health Association of New Brunswick. “Through the development, planning and support from government departments, community agencies, and support services, along with individuals with lived experience and their family members, for the New Brunswick Family Plan, CMHA of NB will be a strong contributing supporter and advocate of future planning as it evolves around the province. Today, together, we can change the face of mental health and additions in our province.”

The recently-launched New Brunswick Family Plan Framework is intended to complement the Economic Growth Plan and 10-year education plans and aims to ensure that families are supported, resulting in a healthier province. The framework includes a stakeholder engagement process.

Summits will be held throughout the province to assist in the development of the New Brunswick Family Plan.

The New Brunswick Family Plan Framework focuses government action in seven priority areas: improving access to primary and acute care; promoting wellness; supporting people with mental health challenges; fostering healthy aging and support for seniors; advancing women’s equality; reducing poverty; and supporting people with disabilities.