Health News Releases Health News Releases National suicide prevention demonstration project to be launched in province’s northwest The provincial government is partnering with the Mental Health Commission of Canada and the Vitalité Health Network to launch a community suicide prevention project in northwestern New Brunswick. 2018032013:58:00 Six nurse practitioners to be added to health-care system to reduce wait times Six nurse practitioners will be added to the provincial health-care system to help ensure more New Brunswickers have access to a primary care professional and to support reduced wait times. 2018022811:35:00 Insulin pump program to be expanded The provincial government is expanding the program which helps diabetics purchase insulin pumps and supplies to include young adults up to 25 years old. 2018022613:40:00 Investment of $3 million to increase surgical capacity, reduce wait times The provincial government is investing $3 million to help reduce the number of people waiting for orthopedic surgery in the Greater Moncton area. 2018021212:19:00 Twenty-five new doctors to be added to New Brunswick’s health-care system to reduce wait times A total of 25 new family physicians will be added to the provincial health-care system to ensure more New Brunswick residents have access to a primary care physician and to support reduced wait times. 2018020912:04:00 Premier unveils multi-year plan to reduce wait times in health care Premier Brian Gallant outlined over $25 million in new targeted investments to fund a multi-year plan to reduce wait times in New Brunswick’s health-care system. 2018020611:39:00 Eliminating barriers to reproductive health The number of publicly funded surgical abortions in the province is decreasing. 2018020109:57:00 Remove the stigma and talk about mental health New Brunswickers are encouraged to talk about reducing the stigma around mental health. 2018013109:53:00 First team begins work under province’s new Family Medicine model A group of four doctors in Oromocto has become the first team to work under a new Family Medicine New Brunswick model which is intended to provide patients with enhanced access to family physicians. 2018011611:44:00 Contracts for Extra-Mural Program services released The Department of Health has released two contracts related to the provision of Extra-Mural Program services. 2018010814:18:00 Change your life for the better by making 2018 the year you quit smoking Quitting smoking is one of the best things you can do to improve your health. 2017122910:29:00 Pledge the gift of life this holiday season New Brunswickers are encouraged to register as an organ and tissue donor this holiday season and pledge the gift of life. 2017122115:13:00 Stress management during the holidays It is important to remember that, for many, the holidays can increase stress levels, affect mood and be challenging. This is especially true for those suffering from mental health or substance abuse issues. 2017122111:20:00 Numbers that can help during the holidays The provincial government has a range of supports for people who need help during the holidays, and throughout the year. 2017122110:58:00 Alternatives to emergency rooms this holiday season The provincial government reminds New Brunswickers of the alternatives to emergency room visits as the holiday season approaches. 2017122110:45:00 Food safety for the holiday season New Brunswickers are reminded to take a few, simple precautions when preparing meals during the holiday season to avoid food poisoning. 2017122011:06:00 Reach out to someone who may be alone during holidays The holiday season is a joyous time for many people, but it can be difficult for others, especially seniors. 2017121808:46:00 Agreement signed with federal government to improve health-care services New Brunswick is the first province to sign an agreement that increases federal funding for home and community care, as well as services for mental health and addictions. 2017121509:04:00 Additional resources added to address opioid misuse Additional resources are being added to the provincial government’s response to opioid misuse and overdose in New Brunswick. 2017120110:49:00 Naloxone kits to be available in New Brunswick The provincial government is introducing a naloxone kit program. 2017112912:29:00 Warning about deadly street drug: carfentanil The acting chief medical officer of Health is warning the public about the deadly drug carfentanil. 2017112410:17:00 Improved access to physicians in Greater Moncton region and province A total of 93 new physicians have been hired in the Moncton region since September 2014. 2017112315:15:00 Improved access to physicians in Fredericton region A total of 74 new doctors have been hired in the Fredericton region since September 2014. 2017112212:13:00 Investment in pediatric and obstetrical services at Edmundston Regional Hospital The provincial government is investing about $2 million to create a mother and child care unit at the Edmundston Regional Hospital. 2017111913:51:00 Legislative framework concerning cannabis introduced The provincial government’s legislative framework for recreational-use cannabis was introduced today in anticipation of the federal government legalizing such use by July 2018. 2017110911:34:00 Government to provide eye exams, corrective glasses for four-year-olds The provincial government will expand its Healthy Smiles, Clear Vision program to provide free eye exams and corrective glasses for all four-year-olds who are not covered by a public or private health insurance program. 2017110813:21:00 Legislation concerning cannabis control and drug-impaired driving Legislation to be introduced this week aims to help protect New Brunswickers, particularly youth, from harm associated with cannabis use. 2017110710:53:00 Legislation to be introduced on cannabis research and education Legislation will be introduced to establish a fund to support research and the development, implementation and delivery of education and awareness programs for harm reduction and the responsible use of cannabis for recreational purposes. 2017110311:07:00 Legal age for recreational cannabis announced The provincial government announced today the legal age for the purchase, possession and consumption of cannabis will be 19. 2017110112:27:00 Retail model for recreational cannabis announced The provincial government announced today that NB Liquor will operate recreational cannabis retail operations in New Brunswick, through a subsidiary. 2017102509:13:00 Update / Air quality advisory An air quality advisory issued by public health officials remains in place for the Oromocto area. 2017102412:20:00 Air quality advisory issued for Fredericton region Smoke from a fire near Canadian Forces Base Gagetown could affect air quality in the surrounding areas. 2017102311:46:00 Province launches seasonal flu vaccination The publicly funded seasonal flu vaccine is now available in the province. 2017101611:58:00 Midwives now accepting clients in Fredericton The first registered midwives introduced into the province’s health-care system have started accepting clients in the Fredericton region. 2017101313:17:00 Collaborative agreement to reduce MRI wait times in Moncton Horizon Health Network and Vitalité Health Network have entered into an agreement that will improve access to MRI services in the Greater Moncton region. 2017101110:49:00 REVISED / Community information sessions on primary health care New Brunswickers are encouraged to participate in upcoming community information sessions regarding primary health care. 2017101008:47:00 Medicare now available for international students Medicare coverage is now available for international students studying full-time in New Brunswick. 2017100610:05:00 Regulatory amendments proposed for Prescription Drug Payment Act The provincial government is proposing changes to regulations that would allow beneficiaries of the New Brunswick Prescription Drug Program to be reimbursed for prescriptions filled out of the province. 2017100513:38:00 Investment in mental health support in schools The Integrated Service Delivery model for providing mental health, addiction, intervention and social services to children and youth has been expanded to all public schools in the province. 2017092612:18:00 New risk areas of established or emerging blacklegged tick populations have been identified The provincial and federal governments have partnered to conduct enhanced field surveillance and tick collection over a two-year period. 2017092210:22:00 Improved access to physicians in Saint John region A total of 52 new physicians have been hired in the Saint John region since September 2014. 2017092011:56:00 Improved access to physicians in northern New Brunswick A total of 43 new physicians have been hired in the Restigouche and Acadie-Bathurst zones of the Vitalité Health Network since September 2014. 2017091813:30:00 Saint John provincial court to reinstitute mental health docket this fall A mental health docket will be reintroduced to the provincial court in Saint John in early November, four years after the last case of the former mental health court program was heard. 2017091812:55:00 Peer support for people with addiction and mental health issues Peer support workers are using their own life experience to help Flexible Assertive Community Treatment teams support people with serious mental health issues. 2017091709:41:00 Peace officers and inspectors now able to issue tickets for smoking in public places New regulations are now in effect that will strengthen enforcement of the Smoke-free Places Act. 2017091514:50:00 New Brunswick companies will supply cannabis for recreational market The provincial government has secured suppliers of cannabis for the recreational-use market in anticipation of the federal government legalizing such use by July 2018. A Crown corporation has been established to oversee the sale of non-medicinal cannabis. 2017091513:51:00 Aging strategy recommendations accepted The government has accepted the recommendations contained in a strategy developed earlier this year by the Council on Aging and will implement 77 action items. 2017091209:53:00 Integration of primary health-care resources The provincial government is integrating the services of Ambulance New Brunswick, the Extra-Mural Program and Tele-Care 811 to help manage primary health-care needs. 2017090113:38:00 Restructuring to allow enhanced alignment of government expertise The provincial government is implementing organizational changes to the structure of the Office of the Chief Medical Officer of Health. 2017083113:46:00 Rotavirus vaccine now available The publicly funded Rotavirus vaccine is now available for infants born in 2017 who are less than 15 weeks old. 2017081611:22:00 2018032013:58:00