Government of New Brunswick

What Educational institutions are applicable under this Policy?

Post-Secondary – University, Community College and Private Institutions 

Who is covered?

Diploma, certificate, Under-grad/Grad Students with a valid Canada Immigration Document, in full-time attendance/studies at an approved educational institution for the full scholastic year.

(Grad students who are employed by the approved educational institution during their studies and covered under a Post Grad permit are not eligible for coverage under this program but may be eligible under their work permit)

Exchange students will not be covered by Medicare.

Medicare does not cover certain non-insured services as outlined in the Medical Services Payment Act, Schedule 2.  Students are encouraged to discuss, with their educational institution, coverage for services that are not provided by Medicare.

Definition of full-time student: 

  1. A student carrying the equivalent of three or more courses in a term is a full-time student.
  2. A student carrying less than the equivalent of three courses in a term is a part-time student.

Spouses and dependents would be eligible for Medicare coverage, under this program, if they live with the student and possess their own valid immigration document for the same period of time as the international student.

What is a full scholastic year?

A full scholastic year for Medicare purposes would be, at least, from September to April.

What do I need to do to get registered?

Each International Student who wishes to have Medicare coverage must submit the following information/documentation along with a completed application:

  • the student’s proof of enrollment in a full-time post-secondary institution,
  • their valid Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada permit, and
  • student’s / dependant’s arrival into the province;
  1. Completion of NB Medicare Application form.
  2. Proof of enrollment as a full time post-secondary student in New Brunswick.  This would be a copy of the acceptance letter from the educational institution stating the number of courses enrolled and the length of time for each.
  3. Valid immigration document for the full scholastic year for student and dependents.
  4. Provide proof, when requested, that the student and dependents remained in New Brunswick for three months prior to eligibility. 
  5. Any other information and documents deemed necessary to prove residency.
  6. International Students must provide copy of their enrollment each year to ensure continuation of their Medicare coverage.

NOTE:   NB Medicare reserves the right to adjust eligibility based on the aforementioned documents and the three month residency requirement.

What happens if I don’t provide a valid immigration document after my previous permit has expired?

Coverage for the student will cease on the date of expiry of the study document. Eligibility for the dependents will also cease on the date of expiry of the document held by the student.   It is the responsibility of the student/dependents to ensure that copies of the renewed permit(s) are provided to New Brunswick Medicare as soon as they become available. If your coverage is terminated and you require medical services, you will be responsible for paying for these services.  When you submit your new permit to Medicare and eligibility has been determined, you may submit any original receipts to Medicare for consideration of reimbursement provided the services fall within the dates of coverage.

Are there any stipulations for residency in New Brunswick?

Residency requirement: Upon arrival, the students and their dependents would need to remain in the province for a minimum of three months to fulfill their three-month residency requirement.  This is a requirement that all newcomers to the province must fulfill; (Note: Immigrants to New Brunswick who receive first-day coverage must also remain in the province for the same period of time).  This requirement is to ensure that the student and their dependants intend to make New Brunswick their home throughout the NB student’s educational period.

Students who are participating in mandatory work placement/co-op/internships outside of New Brunswick (within Canada) will have their Medicare coverage continued provided that supporting documentation is received.  Students are required to provide Medicare with a letter from their educational institution outlining the length of time the student will be absent from New Brunswick and the reason of the absence. 

For students who participate in mandatory work placement/co-op/internships outside of Canada, it is strongly recommended that they contact their University/College for additional private insurance as Medicare does not cover services outside of Canada.

When do I become eligible for Medicare coverage?

The effective date for coverage will be determined based on all the documentation provided. 

The residency clause would be fulfilled at the end of the three months, as such the student would have Medicare coverage during the initial three month period.   However, should the residency requirement not be met, Medicare will terminate the coverage on the date it began and any services paid by Medicare during that time would be billed to the student and require reimbursement from the student.

Should the International student incur medical services while eligibility is being determined he/she will need to pay for the service and submit the original invoice/receipt, for consideration for reimbursement, to Medicare after being notified of the start date of eligibility.

Medicare cards and other correspondence will be mailed to the International Student’s mailing address.

What happens if I leave the province during the first three months?

The Eligibility process would begin again from the date of return to New Brunswick.  Medicare must be informed of any travel through this three-month period.   The only exception to this would be if the international student is required to be absent from the Province due to educational requirements such as participation in mandatory work placement/co-op/internships.  If so, he/she must notify Medicare with written documentation from the educational institution indicating the date of leaving, date of returning and the reason for the absence.   This will ensure continuation of coverage.

Can I leave the province to visit another province?  

New Brunswick Medicare policies with respect to out of province and out of country travel, which are applicable to all New Brunswickers, would apply once you fulfil your three-month residency requirement.

Do I need private insurance if I travel outside of NB?

If you plan on leaving New Brunswick while you are covered as an international student, you should consider having private insurance to cover the items that would not be covered by NB Medicare (similar to any resident of New Brunswick).  eg. Ambulance fees, drugs.  We suggest you contact your educational institution for more information.

Do I need private insurance if I travel outside of Canada?

You are not covered by New Brunswick Medicare during your absence.  You should insure that your private insurance covers you while you are outside of Canada.  We suggest you contact your educational institution for more information.

What happens if the student quits approved educational institution (stops studying)?

Medicare coverage terminates based on either the CIC study permit/document dates or the date of termination of studies, whichever comes first.  The approved educational institution must inform Medicare if this situation arises.  If the student obtains a different permit (e.g. work permit) the student must submit it to Medicare for consideration.  Eligibility for dependents would cease in absence of a separate eligible immigration permit(s)/document(s).

Should an International Student drop out of school due to giving birth to a child, the coverage for the mother would continue as long as the mother hold a valid Immigration Document and the child would receive coverage as well.

Should the International Student not be able to complete the semester or full scholastic year due to an issue which is outside their control, the student must contact Medicare immediately and to have their case reviewed.

What happens if a student needs additional studies to complete his/her schooling?

At the end of enrollment should the student find him/herself needing additional courses to complete their studies, the student needs to contact Medicare immediately to have their file reviewed. 

If the student needs to retake a prerequisite course during his/her full time scholastic year, the student will need to continue to fulfill the three or more course per term requirement in order to maintain Medicare coverage.

What happens if an international student changes from full-time to part-time and then back to full-time?

The student should contact Medicare immediately.

What happens if an international student changes approved educational institutions during their period of study? (example: If you move to a different approved educational institute/college within New Brunswick)

Proof of enrolment from the new approved educational institute would be required (Proof of transfer documentation). 

  1. If the student leaves NB for an educational institute in another province, eligibility would cease on the first day of the third month of leaving New Brunswick.  Eligibility for dependents would cease at the same time as the student.
  2. If the student leaves NB for an educational institute in another country, eligibility would cease immediately. Eligibility for dependents would cease immediately.

Where can I get medical attention?

Your first stop should be the medical clinic at your approved educational institute, if available. There are multiple walk-in clinics.  Emergency rooms are for emergency services and should not be used for services such as the common cold, flu or convenience.