Government of New Brunswick

Since November 30, 2016, all community pharmacies are submitting prescription information to the Drug Information System within the Electronic Health Record. Prescription information from community pharmacies is one of many important sources of information being contributed to the Electronic Health Record. 

EHR brings all the old paper-and-film aspects of health records and information - from X-ray images to prescription history - into the digital world where it is easily received, stored and shared. It includes patient-specific information such as laboratory results, diagnostic imaging reports, hospital visits and prescriptions filled at community pharmacies.  EHR is a secure and private system that authorized healthcare professionals may access to make safe and more informed decisions about patient care.

Authorized healthcare professionals can now view a patient’s medication history in real-time within EHR.  This is the first step toward implementation of the DIS, now that all community pharmacies are connected and submitting prescription information to the system. Future DIS requirements are being identified in collaboration with the EHR Pharmacy Technical Group and other stakeholders.

The NB PMP is a real-time electronic display within EHR of all monitored drug prescriptions filled at community pharmacies. Monitored drugs include narcotics and controlled drugs such as Dilaudid, Percocet, Ritalin, and Ativan.

NB PMP can help:

  • improve the prescribing of narcotics and controlled substances;
  • support ways to lower or prevent the harms related to these drugs; and
  • identify patients who may be at risk of addiction.

Additional PMP functionality including alerts to prescribers and pharmacists are being developed in collaboration with stakeholders.