Government of New Brunswick

The provincial wordmark is the key identifier that ties all materials to the New Brunswick brand. It serves as both an introduction to all messages and as a signature.

To ensure consistency among materials and the integrity of the provincial wordmark, the following guidelines have been developed. The first factor to be considered when deciding which version of the wordmark to use is colour.





Full Colour
The full-colour version of the wordmark is the preferred option.The wordmark uses the burgundy, green and blue of the brand palette and should appear on a white or very light background.

The colour wordmark may be placed over light-coloured photographs or backgrounds that have a density of 20% or less.


Black & White
This version is to be used when full colour is not available. These applications may include newspaper, faxes, internal documents and forms.

This single-colour wordmark is to be printed in black only, on white or light backgrounds with a density of 20% or less. It should not be printed in colours other than black.



For applications where the wordmark will appear on a solid background, use the reversed version.

This can be used on any solid colour with a density of 40% or greater. The reverse wordmark must never appear on a photograph or textured background.


The reversed version of the wordmark has been created slightly thinner in weight than the other versions. White wordmarks appear to swell when viewed on a dark background. A lighter wordmark compensates for this optical illusion.

Always use the reversed wordmark artwork for these applications. Do not use a reversed version of the black & white artwork.



Colour mixes for CMYK and RGB are based on the Pantone Matching System.

Please refer to PMS numbers when using other matching systems.




This version is mainly for applications within the province, to internal audiences who are familiar with New Brunswick, or in applications where a tagline would be too small to read. This is also the preferred version to use on forms (in black only) and signs.



Canada Tagline Version
This is for external audiences that are not familiar with our province; intergovernmental communications that require a more formal approach; and other materials, like on stationery and web applications, where having the “CANADA” tagline might be more beneficial than using the standard version.


Size and placement


A wordmark that is too small loses it’s impact and may not even be seen. The following size restrictions should be adhered to. It is equally important to ensure that the wordmark is not too big.

It is a signature and should never dominate the page. Keep wordmark placement to the top and bottom areas, never in the centre of a page.


Safe zones


The effectiveness of a wordmark can also be diminished by crowding.Other graphics and photos can intrude upon the “breathing room” of the wordmark, reducing its presence.

To avoid crowding, a Safe Zone has been established, based on the capital “B” in Brunswick.Using this as a unit of measure will ensure adequate breathing room around the wordmark.

Note the proportions of the New Brunswick and Canada wordmarks in relation to each other. They are not of equal length or height. Instead, they have been sized by “weight” to ensure equal visual impact. Use this approach in all multi-wordmark applications.


Things to avoid

The wordmark cannot be effective if it is not seen or is not recognizable. Here are some examples to avoid.



Do not change the colours.


Do not alter the position or size
of elements within the wordmark.


Do not use the reverse wordmark over
photographs, textures or patterns.


Do not use the single-colour wordmark
in any colour except black or white
(and in metallic foil stamping or embosses).


Do not substitute fonts.


Do not use a reverse wordmark
on a light background.


Do not distort the wordmark.


Do not use unapproved taglines.


Do not use a black wordmark
on a dark background.


Do not remove sections of the
wordmark to make it unilingual.



Do not use a wordmark that does
not meet minimum size requirements.


Do not place other elements so
close that they infringe upon the Safe Zone.


NOT SURE? Occasionally, special circumstances will arise that are not addressed in this document. If you are faced with a challenge and are not sure which direction to take, please contact Service New Brunswick – Corporate Marketing Services for clarification:


Do not apply effects, such as drop
shadows or glows to the wordmark


Do not alter the wordmark to reflect a
specific department. All pieces come
from one source, one voice: the
Government of New Brunswick.