Government of New Brunswick


The Registry maintains information on registrations at the Corporate Affairs Branch of Service New Brunswick. These registrations deal with profit and not-for-profit companies, partnerships and business names.




This is a fee for service product offered by Service New Brunswick. Access can be via Per-Transaction Internet search with Credit Card , Telephone search inquiry with Credit Card, or Unlimited Internet Searching as a subscriber.

Businesses and other registrants may access their own information records from the online Registry by inputting their New Brunswick Account Business Number in the available search screen. This is a unique 15 digit number that has been assigned to the business/registrant by the Province of New Brunswick in conjunction with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)."


Unless otherwise specified, Fees exclude the harmonized sales tax (HST).

Fee DescriptionRate in $Effective Date
  Per-Transaction Internet search with Credit Card3.00
  Per-Transaction Telephone search inquiry with Credit Card5.00
  Unlimited Internet Searching as a subscriber - per month50.00