Government of New Brunswick

Effective Monday, June 27, 2016, the Central Tendering Branch of Service New Brunswick’s Strategic Procurement Division moved to a new location. The change was necessary to enable the government to make the most efficient use of its facilities. 

The new location for Central Tendering will be in the Fredericton Region Provincial Centre at the following address:

Suite 2300, 2nd Floor,
300 St. Mary’s Street,
Fredericton NB E3A 2S4.

(Click here to view on Google maps).


All contact numbers and fax numbers remain the same.

Vendors are cautioned to read tender delivery instructions carefully to ensure their bid submissions are received at the proper location.

The change does not affect tendering conducted by New Brunswick Department of Transportation and Infrastructure for construction or Service New Brunswick’s Health Services Division tendering on behalf of the Regional Health Authorities. 

The Strategic Procurement, Central Tendering Branch is responsible for the receipt of bid submissions and public tender openings for goods and services tenders issued by Service New Brunswick’s Strategic Procurement Division on behalf of the Government of New Brunswick. 

For any questions regarding this change, please contact Celeste Savoie at (506) 471-5290.