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All invoices not meeting the mandatory requirements (listed below) will be returned to the Supplier or Department for correction. Please ensure that mandatory requirements stipulated in the guide are adhered to ensure your payment is processed promptly.

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Invoice Rejection/Return Process

Mandatory Invoice Requirements:
Mandatory Description
Company Name Must be the full name of the institution or individual.
Company Address, City, Province and Postal Code Must be the full address of the supplier reflected in the “remit to” section of the invoice or on the invoice header.
Spending Authority Must be obtained from the department/agency when the order is placed with the supplier and must be included on the invoice prior to submission to SNB. SNB uses the Spending Authority name to route documents to the correct approver throughout GNB’s electronic invoice processing system.
Ship to Address (of Client Department) Required for confirmation of receipt of goods in department. Aids GNB in identifying the department that procured the goods/services.
Invoice/Credit Memo number Must contain a unique and identifiable invoice number for your invoice or credit memo.
Invoice Details Mandatory elements of invoice details include; invoice date, quantity billed (as applicable), item description, unit price (as applicable), sub-total, separate tax amounts and total due.
Department Name All invoices must include a valid department name. It is acceptable to use the full department name (e.g. Transportation and Infrastructure) or the departments abbreviated name (e.g. DTI). Either version must be provided on the invoice when received at SNB for payment processing.
Bill to Address must be SNB (subject to important notes and exceptions outlined in the Supported Departments and Agencies The Bill to address on invoices must reflect the departments desired invoice routing.

•  If the Bill to address on the invoice is SNB, invoices must be received at SNB first. Any invoices with a “Bill to” address of SNB that shows evidence of receipt in the department (coding stamp, date stamp, notations on invoice) will not be processed and returned to the department.

•  Invoices with a “Bill to” address of the department will not be processed by SNB unless the department has provided confirmation on the invoice that it was received in the department first (this can be done by placing a coding stamp, date stamp or “received” notation on the invoice). Invoices not meeting this requirement will be returned to the department to avoid duplication

•  Where the “Bill to” address on the invoice is PO Box 6000, the “Bill to” address shall be deemed to be the first department/agency name listed on the invoice (e.g. SNB is bill to if SNB name appears before the department name).

Additional Considerations:

•  Invoices with a bill to address of 435 Brookside shall be deemed to be billed to SNB.

•  The Terms “Bill to”, “Invoice to”, “Sold to”, etc… are used interchangeably by suppliers.
Include only valid invoices Do not send the following document types to SNB;

  • Delivery Slips
  • Pro Bills
  • Work Orders
  • Statements
  • Acknowledgements
  • Zero Dollar invoices

These documents must be sent to the “ship to” departments’ address indicated by the buyer. In addition, the following will not be accepted:

• Faxed invoices – only send invoices via mail or e-mail Faxed invoices/pay documents are no longer accepted and will not be processed (whether supplier invoices or internally generated). Any backup documentation attached to the pay document can however be faxed so long as it is legible.

• Partial submissions – full packages must be provided All pay documents submitted to SNB must be provided in their entirety. For example, if the invoice/pay document has 3 pages, all 3 pages must be provided. Please note that backup documentation can be submitted in part or as a whole.

• Illegible invoices – all portions of the invoice must be legible Ensure invoices submitted are legible. Once scanned, if the details of the invoice are not legible invoices will be returned to the department/supplier, requesting a revised invoice. Also, please do not place stamps or stickers over invoice information – if there is no room on the invoice to place additional information place it on the back of the invoice or on a separate piece of paper prior to submission.

• Invoices with tape/stickers – adversely affect scanning
If invoices are ripped prior to being routed to SNB, the department is responsible for obtaining another original copy of the invoice from the supplier. Taped invoices will not be processed and will be returned to the department, who will be required to remove tape or obtain a new original invoice from the supplier.

• Original Invoices only – we cannot accept copies of pay documents
 – For Invoices Submitted by Paper:
The original invoice created by the supplier must be routed to SNB for Processing. The department may choose to add additional information to the invoice or make corrections to the invoice prior to submission to SNB, so long as the original invoice is used to make corrections.

– For Invoices Submitted by E-mail:
The unaltered original invoice must be forwarded to SNB. Departments cannot print an e-mailed invoice received from the supplier, write on or modify it, and subsequently send it to SNB for processing due to requirements under the corporate records management policy. Departments can FORWARD e-mailed invoices received by suppliers to SNB, and include any additional information in a separate file attachment, or in the body of the e-mail.  

– The above restrictions do not apply to backup documentation. Backup documentation submitted can be a copy of the original document(s).

• Submission Requirements: for backup documentation
– When submitting pay documents with backup to SNB, please ensure that backup is provided for each pay document, and submissions are properly separated prior to being routed. If multiple pay documents are received with only one copy of backup, SNB will return the submission to the Department and request they attach one copy of the backup document for each pay document.

– Please do not write over invoice information. If there is insufficient space to write the information required by SNB on the invoice, please write the additional information on the back of the invoice, or on a separate piece of paper and attach it to the pay document. Do not use Post-it notes to include additional information on the invoice as they will not scan properly and jam SNB scanners.

Encouraged for Quick Payment:

Invoices will be processed faster if the vendor provides the following reference information on their invoice when submitting to SNB.

Optional Description
GNB Supplier Number While GNB suppliers submitting invoices related to a Purchase Order (P.O.) are required to provide their GNB supplier number, other suppliers are also encouraged to provide this information to facilitate the identification of the correct payee. The supplier number can be found on remittance notices or cheque stubs. Providing this number aids SNB in identifying the correct supplier in the financial system. Click here to see an illustration of supplier information on a remittance notice or cheque stub).
PO Number (as applicable) Referencing the Purchase Order (P.O.) number will facilitate verification and ensure invoices are processed in a more-timely manner.
Company Contact Details Useful for quick resolution of issues with outstanding invoices.
GNB Employee Ordering or Receiving the Goods or Services Facilitates the approval of invoices by departments; increases the ability to confirm receipt of goods.