Government of New Brunswick

Any company or business that provides goods or services to the Government of New Brunswick must submit an invoice in order to receive payment. To assist NBISA in processing your invoices as quickly and efficiently possible:

  • DO ensure that your invoices are legible and preferably not handwritten, and
  • DO NOT include information that would be considered confidential, personal or in violation of privacy legislation.

An invoice must also include the following information (for specific examples, refer to the sample invoice):

1. Company Name: Your company’s full name.

2. Company Address and Postal Code:
Your complete company address, including the postal code. Not including this information may result in delayed payment, returned invoices.

3. Your Company Contact Details:
All relevant telephone numbers and email addresses so that we can contact you quickly if there is a issue with your invoice.

4. Your HST Registration Number: Your company’s HST Registration Number.

5. Billing Department Name:
The department you are invoicing for the goods or services your company provided

6. Invoice, Credit Memo or Statement of Account
: Are you submitting an invoice, credit memo or statement of account? Your invoice may be returned to you if you do not clearly state this information.

7. Your Company’s Account Number for GNB: The number assigned to GNB by your organization for accounts receivable.

8. Invoice or Credit Memo Number: A unique and identifiable number for your invoice or credit memo.

9. Invoice or Credit Memo Date
: Clearly indicate the date the invoice was issued.

10. GNB Department Delivery or Ship-to Address
: The mailing address where your company delivered its goods or services.

. Region or Branch Name: The Branch, District, or Division of the purchasing department

12. Name of GNB Delivery Contact:
The name of the contact person in the department/agency who received your company’s goods or services.
13. Comments: Include any important comments on your Invoice. For example: If you’re submitting a credit memo, the comments section should refer to the original invoice number so that NBISA is better able to cross reference the credit memo with the original Invoice.

14. GNB Supplier Number
: The 8-digit supplier number assigned to you by GNB (example: 61145985). Your GNB supplier number is identified on the top portion of your cheque stub or notice of remittance.

15. Your GNB Purchase Order Number: For goods or services procured by GNB under contract, provide the 10-digit purchase order number that was assigned to you by GNB.

16. Your GNB Contract Number:
For goods or services procured by GNB under contract, please provide the contract number that was assigned to you by GNB.

GNB Spending Authority Name: The name of the GNB employee who has authority to approve your invoice.  The spending authority name must be obtained from the department / agency at the time the purchase or service is initiated.

18. Invoice Details:
Always provide the details of the goods and/or services you provided, including:

• Quantity Billed
• Item description
• Unit Price, and
• Total Value  

19. Tax Calculation
: The tax owed on the invoice (i.e. GST, HST, PST). 

20. Total Due Including Tax
: Provide a clear breakdown of the value of the goods and/or services you provided, including any handling or freight charges.