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Financial Literacy Month

Financial literacy means having the knowledge, skills and confidence to make responsible financial decisions. Below you will find resources, information, products and services to help you strengthen your financial literacy. It Pays to Know!

ESIC is partnering with the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada, the Canada Revenue Agency, and the Financial and Consumers Services Commission of New Brunswick to promote financial literacy for Canadians of all ages. Strengthening the financial well-being of Canadians is the vision of the National Strategy for Financial Literacy—Count me in, Canada.

​​Throughout November, organizations and individuals from across the country are invited to participate in events aimed to help Canadians learn how to manage their personal finances successfu​lly.


What is the theme of FLM 2016?​

This year’s FLM theme “Managing money and debt wisely: It pays to know!” promotes the idea that different stages of life demand different sets of financial literacy skills, and managing money and debt will help in making responsible financial decisions.

Throughout the month, FCAC will feature weekly subthemes that bring attention to the benefits of basic money management practices and encourage Canadians to reduce debt and save for the future. They are:

  •  Week 1 (November 1-5) - Start with a budget
  •  Week 2 (November 6-12) - Live within your means
  •  Week 3 (November 13-19) - Know your rights and responsibilities
  •  Week 4 (November 20-26) - Have a savings plan
  •  Week 5 (November 27-30) - Review your finances


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