Government of New Brunswick
March 2018

In a March 1, 2018 press release Manganese X Energy Corp. reported on efforts to understand the mineralogical composition of the manganese bearing zone at the Battery Hill deposit near Woodstock, in west-central New Brunswick. The results showed that the deposit contains several manganese minerals ranging from complex carbonates to silicates, and that the total manganese bearing mineral assemblage represented up to 50% of the ore mass in some cases. An extraction testing program showed high manganese extraction levels (up to 96%) with variable iron and alkali metal solubility levels. The company is working on further metallurgical testing to develop processing methods to upgrade the ores.

Trevali Mining Corporation announced its 2017 annual financial results in a press release on March 13, 2018. The press release included Q4-2017 production, mill throughput, recovery, and average head grade numbers for their Caribou mine in northern New Brunswick. Production numbers for Q4-2017 include 21.7 million payable lbs of zinc, 8.7 million payable lbs. of lead, and 249,643 payable ounces of silver. Mill throughput was 252,857 tonnes with average recoveries of 78% for zinc, 66% for lead, and 40% for silver (contained in lead concentrate). Underground mine production increased in Q4-2017 to 250,225 tonnes. The average head grades of the milled tonnes in Q4-2017 were 6.02% Zn, 2.56% Pb, and 2.32 oz/ton of Ag, with production of 25,021 tonnes of zinc concentrate averaging 47% Zn and 10,644 tonnes of lead-silver concentrate averaging 40%Pb and 21.8 oz/ton Ag. The company is expecting increased production in 2018 with improvements to mine systems, infrastructure and plans.