Government of New Brunswick

A quarry lease provides a company exclusive rights to operate a pit or a quarry on Crown land. Application is made at an Energy and Resource Development District Ranger Office where it is reviewed and then forwarded to the Minerals and Petroleum Development Branch for further processing. The term of quarry leases can vary up to a maximum term of ten years. To secure a quarry lease, a company must be able to demonstrate the need for exclusive use. On approval, the lease applicant is required to submit a legal survey of the proposed site. The applicant is also required to pay an annual land rental fee and reclamation security.

Additional Requirements under a Quarry Lease
As part of a comprehensive review process, the applicant is requested to submit additional details pertaining to the development and reclamation of the proposed pit or quarry site. This information generally includes but is not limited to:

       Location Plan

  • A 1:12,500 scale or greater detail map showing topographic features, natural watercourses, public roads and highways and any surrounding or neighbouring land uses within 1000 metres of the proposed pit or quarry site.
  • A map showing the proposed lease boundaries, including the size of the lease area in hectares.
  • A site plan showing the following entrances to and exits from the site, location of any fences, gates or barriers, location of all facilities associated with further processing, waste water treatment or control of surface water, location of production stockpiles, waste piles, settling ponds; and location of all permanent or temporary structures on the site.

      Development Plan

  • Estimated annual production.
  • Estimated employment potential.
  • Proposed extraction method.
  • Provisions for safety.
  • Planned sequence and direction of pit development.
  • Estimated investment in equipment to be utilized including that associated with drilling, blasting, loading, hauling and sizing.
  • A list of commodities to be produced.

       Operating Plan

  • Annual operating schedule, including daily hours of operation.
  • Haulage routes to be used to transport product to customers.
  • A description of the source, quantity and use of water in the extraction or beneficiation process.

       Environmental Protection Plan

  • A description of the method(s) used to collect, store and dispose of lubricants.
  • A list of chemicals to be used on site.
  • A description of the quantity, quality and mitigative processes proposed to treat any effluent being discharged into the surrounding environment.

       Reclamation Plan

  • A detailed description and schedule of the planned procedures for the protection, reclamation and rehabilitation of the site, including, where applicable, details pertaining to: backfilling, contouring, benching, sloping, grading, fencing, screening, construction of berms and revegetation.
  • A plan for ongoing reclamation.
  • An estimated cost of the reclamation program.

Reporting Requirements

The holder of a quarry permit or a quarry lease is required to submit a royalty return form stating quantities of quarriable substances removed and include royalty payment. Royalty on excavated material is at a rate established by subsection 25(1) of General Regulation 93-92 under the Quarriable Substances Act. It is due before the 20th day of July and the 20th day of January. Currently, the rate is set at $0.25 per tonne.


Quarry Lease Renewal

A quarry lease may be renewed for a term equal to the original term or such lesser term as the Minister considers advisable in the circumstances. Application to renew is made in writing to the Minerals and Petroleum Development Branch. The renewal fee is $50.00.


Quarry Lease Transfer

A written approval is needed from the Minister in order to transfer a quarry lease. The transfer of a quarry lease or any interest in it shall be signed by the transferor or by the agent of the transferor authorized by instrument in writing and accompanied by a $50.00 fee as prescribed by regulation.


Cancellation, Expiry or Surrender

The Minister may cancel or suspend a quarry lease if the holder of the lease does not comply with the terms and conditions of the lease.