Government of New Brunswick

Description and Background
The Province of New Brunswick will require minimum energy efficiency standards for new building construction in New Brunswick by adopting national standards and will amend the New Brunswick Building Code Act to create the authority to do so.

Minimum building codes and standards help to make housing stock and business structures safe, durable and efficient. Standards that are directed at how structures manage energy requirements for heating, cooling, air circulation and other systems can result in permanent improvements in energy efficiency across the province.

The government has directed the Department of Public Safety to bring forward amendments to the New Brunswick Building Code Act which will provide authority for the regulation of energy efficiency standards in new construction. Minimum energy efficiency standards will be established for new building construction as part of building code requirements.

Key Objectives Served by this Action
Lowand Stable Energy Prices
– Minimumbuilding codes and standards are important contributors to energy efficiency, our lowest cost energy option.

Energy Security – Our reliance on imported energy and our vulnerability to price fluctuations will diminish with reduced consumption, therefore increasing our energy security.

Reliability of the Electricity System – Reducing demand for electricity through minimum building codes and standards improves the reliability of the electricity system.

Environmental Responsibility – Reduced energy consumption has the effect of lower air emissions and other environmental impacts, therefore improving our environmental performance and reducing our carbon footprint.