Government of New Brunswick
Weekly Day of Rest (Sunday)

Municipalities can adopt by-laws that permit or prohibit the operation of retail businesses on the weekly day of rest (Sunday). (Section 11 of the Municipalities Act)

All retail businesses may be open to the public on the weekly days of rest beginning on the Sunday falling immediately before New Brunswick Day up to and including the second Sunday after Christmas (often referred to as "The Provincial Sunday Shopping Period"). This province-wide Sunday shopping period only applies in cases where a municipality has not adopted a by-law respecting the weekly days of rest and retail business. (Section 3(2.1) of the Days of Rest Act)

For local services districts (LSDs) the province wide Sunday shopping period applies; however residents of an LSD can vote to allow for the opening of retails businesses on Sunday, in accordance with process set out under section 27.7(1) of the Municipalities Act)


Prescribed Days of Rest

Retail businesses must be closed on the ten prescribed days of rest. If the prescribed day of rest happens to fall on a Sunday the retail businesses must be closed that day, regardless of the Municipal by-law.