Government of New Brunswick

All students in New Brunswick’s Anglophone school districts begin school – Kindergarten through Grade 2 – in English Prime. At this level, students participate in a variety of learning experiences that introduce French language and culture to develop their interest in learning a second language.

In Grade 3, a program choice is available: remain in English Prime (with Intensive French) or enter French Immersion. At the end of Grade 5, another program choice is available: continue in English Prime (with Post-Intensive French) or enter Late French Immersion. Parents and their children are encouraged to consider all program options. Immersion programs are available where enrolment numbers warrant.

All program options support French language learning through a literacy-based approach. Speaking, listening, reading and writing are developed in an integrated fashion. The key focus of Intensive French is to develop a student’s second language. In French Immersion, students develop their second language, while at the same time learning subjects such as science, social studies, and mathematics in French.