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What is a Community Day Care Home?

Parents know what is best for their child and what type of child care services work best for their particular family situation. Having options can help parents choose the child care provider that best meets their child’s and their family’s individual needs. A Community Day Care Home is one of the options a parent may choose.

Community Day Care Homes are approved to provide child care services to a smaller number of children in an individual’s home. Community Day Care Homes are inspected and monitored by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development.

Benefits for Children

Some Community Day Care Homes can be located near the child’s home which can help to build positive nurturing relationships in their own neighborhoods. Children are cared for in a safe and responsive learning environment using an experience-based curriculum. This means that children learn through play and activities that are based on the child’s interests as well as on their developmental needs.

Benefits for Parents

Your government recognizes that families need to have accessible, affordable and flexible child care for their children.

Choosing to access an approved Community Day Care Home will provide parents with the assurance that the service is regularly monitored to meet standards respecting the safety, security and developmental needs of their child. Because the Community Day Care Home is approved, parents may also qualify for funding under the Day Care Assistance Program which supports them financially with their child care costs. Furthermore, the Community Day Care Home may provide more flexible schedules that better meet family needs.

Benefits for Child Care Providers

For the child care provider (operator), being approved for service means they are eligible to receive funding under the Quality Funding Support Program to support the wages of eligible child day care staff.  It also means that the child care provider may be eligible for funding for the creation of new child care spaces under the Early Learning and Child Care Trust Fund.

Approved Community Day Care Home operators may also qualify for funding towards an Early Childhood Education Certificate through the Early Learning and Child Care Trust Fund.

What are the Requirements for Community Day Care Homes?

Community Day Care Homes must meet the requirements of the Day Care Regulation and Child Day Care Facility Operator Standards and be approved by Education and Early Childhood Development.


Specifically, Community Day Care Home services may be provided for a maximum of:

  • Three infants, or
  • Five children of the ages two to five, or
  • Nine children who are of the ages six and over, or
  • Six children if at least one is over the age of five.

The child care provider’s (operator’s) own children up to the age of 12 must also be considered in the total number permitted.

Not all child care providers who care for children in their homes are approved. It is important for parents to be aware of the regulations and requirements child care providers must comply with when caring for children.

Where Can I Find More Information?

By accessing our Early Learning and Child Care website you can obtain information such as how to choose a quality child care provider, the programs and services offered to families and funding programs offered to both parents and operators.

Please visit:

If you would like more information on how you can become an approved Community Day Care Home Operator, please call the Education and Early Childhood Development office nearest you and ask to speak to your Regional Early Childhood Services Coordinator.