Government of New Brunswick

The New Brunswick Haulage Rates are rates which are paid to truckers for performing services on behalf of the province.

The purpose of the haulage rates is to compensate truckers fairly for the services rendered to the province. A review of the rates is performed by the department annually, and at other intervals as deemed necessary.

The following table provides links to current year and prior year Haulage Rates, average increases/decreases applied and the effective date of each Haulage Schedule.


  • Click on the applicable month to see the rate schedule to be applied for the period.
  • Rates are to be paid as of the effective date. Work perfomed before the effective date are to be paid at rates as of the last approved revision.
2016-17 Haulage Rates Increase Summary and Table Links
Rate Schedules
Average Increase/
Decrease Applied
0% May 2, 2016
June 2016
0% June 1, 2016
July 2016
0% July 1, 2016
August 2016
0% August 1, 2016
September 2016
0% September 1, 2016
October 2016 0% October 1, 2016
November 2016
0% November 1, 2016

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