Government of New Brunswick

The surplus list is where you will find properties that have been previously advertised for public tender, with no acceptable bid being received.  These properties are now open to offers.

Please note offers can be forwarded without deposits being included; however a 10% non-refundable deposit (in Canadian dollars) will be required prior to the offer being recommended for acceptance.

As the deposit is non-refundable, bidders are encouraged to inspect the property prior to placing an offer.

The successful purchaser will be responsible for the payment of H.S.T.; where applicable, and all document preparation and related fee, at the date of closing.


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File No: 08-441
Vacant Land
Location:  located on Lockstead Road, Lockstead, N.B
PID: 40366189
PAN: 4438637
Area: approximately 0.40 ha., (1.00 ac.)
Property Value: $1,000

Additional Information:
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Minimum acceptable offer: $1,000


File No: 08-498
Vacant land
Location: 269 Duke Street, Miramichi, N.B.
PID: 40199911
PAN: 02829303
Area: approximately 488 sq. m., (5,251 sq. ft.)
Property Value: $3,000

Additional Information:
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Minimum acceptable offer: $3,000


File No: 08-505
Vacant Land
Location: Walsh Avenue(off Dan Cripps Street), Miramichi, N.B.
PID: 40304131
PAN: 3631088
Area: 0.47 ha., (1.15 ac.)
Registration Information:  Document No. 31954598, registered September 17, 2012
Property Value: $8,000

Additional Information:
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File No: 08-557
Vacant Land
Location: General Manson Way, Miramichi, N.B
PID: 40409112
PAN: 5883916
Area: approximately 24.28 ha., (60 ac.)
Registration Information: Transfer of Administration and Control document registered in the Northumberland County Registry Office on September 20, 2001, as Number 12873205
Property Value: $258,000

Additional Information:
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