Transportation and Infrastructure News Releases Transportation and Infrastructure News Releases REVISED / Investment in bridge infrastructure The government is investing $670 million in bridge restoration and construction around the province over the next five years. 2018011011:40:00 Newly twinned section of Route 11 now open The newly twinned section of Route 11, between Route 15 and Shediac River, officially opened to traffic today. 2017122111:15:00 Solar panels installed on roof of Fredericton High School The provincial government has installed solar panels on the roof of Fredericton High School as an investment in energy efficiency. The 100 kilowatt pilot project is the largest solar installation in New Brunswick. 2017121211:00:00 Surplus property to be sold to Hanwell The provincial government and the Rural Community of Hanwell have reached an agreement for the transfer of surplus government property on Hanwell Road. 2017121113:43:00 Repairs completed on two New Denmark roads Two roads in New Denmark, the Mill Hill Road and Route 108, recently reopened to full traffic following significant repairs. 2017121111:30:00 Investments in paving projects The provincial government has invested in paving projects in the upper St. John River valley. 2017121111:25:00 King Street Elementary School officially opens King Street Elementary School officially opened on Monday, Nov. 27, in Miramichi. 2017112808:31:00 Funding committed for new provincial museum The government announced today that it is committing $50 million toward construction of a new provincial museum in uptown Saint John. 2017103013:53:00 Sod-turning for new courthouse A sod-turning was held today to mark the official beginning of construction of a new courthouse in Fredericton. 2017103013:34:00 Amendments to Motor Vehicle Act introduced The provincial government introduced amendments to the Motor Vehicle Act that would set standardized speed limits in school zones, while allowing variations where warranted by the application of engineering principles. 2017102610:03:00 Construction continuing at Harrison Trimble High School Demolition of the carpentry shop and science labs is underway as upgrades continue at Harrison Trimble High School. The project, which began in 2015, is expected to be completed in 2019. 2017102310:07:00 Reconstructed Doak House barn officially opened An official opening was held today for the reconstructed Doak House barn. 2017102309:29:00 Contract signed for ferry construction The provincial government has signed a contract with Ocean New Brunswick Inc. for the construction of a 15-car river ferry, which will be built at the naval centre in Bas-Caraquet. 2017102012:35:00 Province to add ferry to fleet The provincial government is adding a new ferry to its fleet. 2017100310:58:00 Signage pilot project launched The provincial government officially launched a pilot project today that will give food, fuel and accommodations businesses in southwestern New Brunswick the opportunity to participate in a logo sign program along a section of Route 1 in Charlotte County. 2017100213:39:00 Launch of electric school bus pilot program The provincial government is adding two new school buses to its fleet of electric vehicles in time for the new school year. 2017083115:26:00 Paving projects in Caraquet region The provincial government will complete several paving projects in the Caraquet region this year. 2017081714:48:00 More than $5.5 million in roadwork on Acadian Peninsula The provincial government is investing more than $5.5 million in transportation infrastructure projects on the Acadian Peninsula this year under the 2017-18 capital budget. 2017081711:00:00 Modular bridge to be installed at French Village The provincial government will restore a vital transportation link across the Hammond River at French Village by installing a modular bridge on the existing covered bridge seats. 2017080414:48:00 Agreement in principle to redevelop former Moncton High School The provincial government has reached an agreement in principle to see the former Moncton High School saved and redeveloped, without demolition of the building while also maintaining the auditorium and gymnasium for community use. 2017080113:55:00 Minister tours former Moncton High School Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Bill Fraser said the former Moncton High School is an important heritage icon, and any plan for the building’s redevelopment must respect its cultural and historical value. 2017072812:03:00 Investment in restoring bus service to province’s southwest The provincial government is investing $500,000 to help provide affordable bus transportation through a community led pilot project in southwestern New Brunswick. 2017072711:19:00 Paving projects in Edmundston The provincial government has funded three paving projects in partnership with the City of Edmundston this year under the Municipal Designated Highway Program. 2017072614:30:00 Resurfacing work in Cambridge-Narrows The provincial government and the Village of Cambridge-Narrows will jointly fund a resurfacing project this year under the Municipal Designated Highway Program. 2017072609:32:00 Paving in Lac Baker The provincial government will fund a paving project in the village of Lac Baker this year under the Municipal Designated Highway Program. 2017071711:50:00 2018011011:40:00