FREDERICTON (CNB) - A total of nine medals were won by Aboriginal Team New Brunswick at the 2008 North American Indigenous Games (NAIG), which were held Aug. 3-10 in the Cowichan Valley in B.C. The team won four gold, one silver and four bronze.

"We are very proud of the way these athletes represented New Brunswick," said Minister of Wellness, Culture and Sport, Hédard Albert. "Getting ready for the games requires a lot of time, effort, and devotion, and I want to commend them for their achievements and their talents."

The NAIG celebrate the sport and culture of indigenous peoples across North America. They are recognized by the Aboriginal peoples and governments of Canada, and by tribal nations throughout the United States.

The games offered competition in 14 sports for athletes of all abilities from ages 13-22. About 9,000 athletes and cultural participants and 40,000 to 50,000 supporters and spectators took part in the 10-day event.

Aboriginal Team New Brunswick was comprised of 65 athletes, coaches, managers, chaperones and mission staff, and competed in seven of the 14 sports.

"These athletes are motivators and role models, and we believe they will inspire young Aboriginal leaders with their passion, their enthusiasm, and their determination to step forward and lead sport and physical activity initiatives in their communities," said Ed Doherty, minister responsible for the Aboriginal Affairs Secretariat.

The province of New Brunswick provided a contribution of more than $200,000 to support the New Brunswick team.

"The North American Indigenous Games play an important role in Aboriginal sport development and help foster a culture of health, fitness, achievement within our youth community," said Ruth Levi, chef de mission. "It was a great experience for our athletes, which they will never forget. The participants made new friends from across North America, and their victories, big or small, will help them excel in school, careers and as future leaders."

The final team standings and individual results:


Dylan Bartlett, Woodstock
midget fly, 100 metres, time: 1:05:61 (gold)
midget fly, 200 metres, time: 2:38:07 (gold)
midget fly, 50 metres, time: 28:01 (gold)
midget freestyle, 50 metres, time: 29:08 (gold)
midget freestyle, 100 metres, time: 56:93 (silver)
midget freestyle, 200 metres, time: 2:09:15 (bronze)


Nathan Milliea, Elsipogtog
juvenile discus, distance: 28.4 metres (bronze)
juvenile shot put, distance: 12.5 metres (bronze)

Baseball (2-2)

13-3 versus Team Alberta (W)
3-7 versus Team Wisconsin (L)
5-9 versus Team Washington (L)
Bronze Medal Game
15-5 victory versus Team Alberta (W - bronze)

The first North American Indigenous Games were held in 1990 in Edmonton, Alta. The next games are scheduled to be held in Milwaukee, Wis., in 2011.

EDITOR'S NOTE: A complete list of Aboriginal Team New Brunswick members follows:

Aboriginal Team New Brunswick members


Brad Paul, coach, St. Mary's First Nation; Roy Gallagher, assistant coach, St. Mary's First Nation; Roger LeBlanc, St. Mary's First Nation; Peter Polches, St. Mary's First Nation; Nicholas Duthie, St. Mary's First Nation; Theo Paul-Bennet, Fredericton; Justin Wright, Durham Bridge; Jacob Wright, Durham Bridge.

Athletics (track and field)

Nathan Millier, Elsipogtog First Nation; Kateri Sock, Elsipogtog First Nation.


Jake Augustine, coach, Elsipogtog First Nation; Houston Bear, Tobique First Nation; Henry Perley, Tobique First Nation; Elleas Nicholas, Tobique First Nation; Tyler LaBillois, Eel River Bar First Nation; Ashten Francis, Tobique First Nation; Mason Perley, Tobique First Nation; Storm Millier, Elsipogtog First Nation; Austin McKay, Eel Ground First Nation; Julian Augustine, Metepenagiag First Nation; Alexander Francis, Tobique First Nation; Brett Francis, Eel Ground First Nation; Tanner Cloud, Metepenagiag First Nation; Clinton Copage, Elsipogtog First Nation.


Craig Sock, coach, Elsipogtog First Nation; Shawn Moffat, Eel River Bar First Nation; Tyrone Sock, Elsipogtog First Nation.


Cindy Sock, coach, Elsipogtog First Nation; Kathy Dennis, assistant coach, Elsipogtog First Nation; Emily Peter Paul, St. Mary's First Nation; Kelly Dennis, Elsipogtog First Nation; Kirbie Millier, Elsipogtog First Nation; Darlene Perley-Francis, Elsipogtog First Nation; Kimberlee Simon, Elsipogtog First Nation; Joella Augustine, Elsipogtog First Nation; Paige Francis, Elsipogtog First Nation; Sheneeka Millier, Elsipogtog First Nation; Shoconi Metallic, Elsipogtog First Nation; Zoey Sock, Elsipogtog First Nation; Danielle Moulton, Metepenagiag First Nation; Miranda Augustine, Metepenagiag First Nation; Molly Brown, Tobique First Nation; Trina Marie Augustine, Elsipogtog First Nation.


Sherri Paul Bartlett, Woodstock First Nation; Lily Ginnish-LaValley, Eel Ground First Nation; Dylan Bartlett, Woodstock First Nation; Mariah Sockabasin, Tobique First Nation.


Kristen Daigle, Richibucto.

Mission Staff

Ruth Levi, chef de mission, Elsipogtog First Nation; Brad Paul, assistant co-ordinator, St. Mary's First Nation; Glen Caplin, Eel River Bar First Nation; Philip Bartlett, Woodstock First Nation; Sharon Augustine, Elsipogtog First Nation; Raymond Milliea, Elsipogtog First Nation; Lauren Ward, Metepenagiag First Nation.


Tosha Moulton, Tobique First Nation; Jessica Perley, Elsipogtog First Nation; Dustin Sappier, Tobique First Nation; Karen Francis, Eel Ground First Nation; Sherri Daigle, Richibucto.