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A Canada/New Brunswick Growing Forward 2 initiative to assist producers in taking concrete steps to improve the environmental performance of their operations. This program is for implementation of Beneficial Management Practices (BMPs) for targeted on-farm actions including an increased focus on promoting public benefit practices. There is also a focus on energy conservation and energy audits. Another component for Environmental Management Planning is aimed at supporting and promoting the development, adoption and implementation of environmental management practices through knowledge transfer activities. An Agroenvironmental Club component supports farms in the adoption of Nutrient Management Plans and similar environmental improvements. The Agri-environmental Risk Assessments component supports the promotion, development and validation of Environmental Farm Plans. The Wildlife Damage Mitigation component will assist producers to non-destructively reduce or eliminate the impacts of wildlife on their operations. The final component, the Food Processor / Packer / Abattoir Waste Management element supports the adoption of appropriate waste management systems by these agribusinesses. Program funding is provided by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and this department. Program ends March 31, 2018.


Owners/operators of farms, organizations, institutions (see Guidelines for more details).


Program Elements:

I: Adoption of Environmental Beneficial Management Practices.
Eligible Projects and Applicants: All owners/operators of farms established in New Brunswick that have an approved Environmental Farm Plan (EFP).

II: Environmental Management Planning: Knowledge Transfer and Capacity Building.
Eligible Projects and Applicants: Field demonstrations, workshops, and the preparation, promotion, and distribution of tools and educational and technical materials to and by producers, farm organizations, educational institutions, and other interested stakeholders needed to explain the principles and practices associated with environmental management and renewable energy sources. Any organization (private or public), institution, or individual involved in information dissemination or innovation with the potential to support the environmental sustainability of New Brunswick’s agriculture sector is eligible.

III: Agro environmental Clubs.
Funding to assist the Agro-Environmental Clubs in their efforts to support farms with quality services and leadership with environmental awareness, Nutrient Management Planning, Integrated Pest Management, soil health, information for on-farm improvements, and Environmental Farm Planning. Funding is toward salary and expenses of agrologist coordinator.

Eligible Applicants: Agricultural Alliance of NB and the NB Soil and Crop Improvement Association.

IV: Agri-environmental Risk Assessments (Environmental Farm Planning).
This element will support the promotion, development, completion, validation and renewal of Environmental Farm Plans (EFPs) for agricultural producers in New Brunswick.

V: Wildlife Damage Mitigation.
This element will assist producers with the purchase and installation of fencing, netting, scaring and other repellent devices and the purchase of livestock guard animals to minimize the impact of wildlife on agricultural operations.

VI: Food Processor / Packer / Abattoir Waste Management Systems.
This element will support the design, adoption and monitoring of appropriate waste management systems by agribusinesses in their transformation of primary products.

Application forms are available on-line in the section "Forms and Packages" on the right, or at any Regional office of this department.

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