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Overview/Aperçu : This program provides assistance to foster the continued improvement of the genetic base of the New Brunswick livestock sectors through the purchase of genetically superior animals and identification of genetically superior animals through genetic testing. The continual introduction of genetically superior animals will ensure producers have the ability to consistently produce the highest quality livestock products on a competitive basis, thereby giving them the means to adapt to and take advantage of new production and marketing opportunities in their respective sectors.


Beef, swine, sheep, goat, mink, farmed fox and dairy opertions that are undertaking to improve or expand their production are eligible for financial incentives provided that they meet the following conditions:

• Must conform to the requirements as outlined in their specific commodity guideline or element.
• Premises on which the livestock farming activities occur must be located in New Brunswick and
• An individual representing the applicant farm operation must have attained the legal age of 19 in the province of New Brunswick.


Depending of the element, the program will program will provide financial assistance to individual livestock producers in support of genetic testing, herd renewal or attaining genetically superior breeding animals for their production operations.

The program is made up of the following seven elements:
- Beef Genetic Enhancement Element
- Swine Genetic Enhancement Element
- Sheep Genetic Enhancement Element
- Goat Genetic Enhancement Element
- Mink Genetic Enhancement Element
- Farmed Fox Genetic Enhancement Element
- Dairy Genomic Testing Element

The application forms and guidelines provided in the section "Forms and Packages" describe the procedure to follow.

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