Government of New Brunswick


This program under the Canada/New Brunswick Growing Forward 2 Initiative will provide strategic assistance to the New Brunswick apple industry.


• An individual or a business registered in New Brunswick that has filed an income tax return in the past year which included agricultural income from apple production or a new entrant whose ultimate goal is commercial-scale apple production.
• A New Brunswick resident or an individual representing the participating farm operation who is at least 19 years of age.
• The applicant’s activities must be carried out within the province of New Brunswick.
• A member in good standing of the Apple Growers of New Brunswick (AGNB) as prescribed under the New Brunswick Natural Products Act. A new entrant may apply if approval is received from the AGNB.


The Apple Industry Development Program has the following objectives:
• To capitalize on apple development opportunities and to improve the profitability of New Brunswick apple producers.
• To advance the apple sector in New Brunswick through the establishment of more productive orchards (new trees and support systems).
• To increase the value of apples and apple products through the adoption of technologies that will improve apple storage systems, fruit quality assurance, and orchard establishment improvements.

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